Dacă înainte de intrarea în UE ni se flutura iluzia prosperităţii ce va să vină, acum (la "reformarea UE") suntem abordaţi cu iluzia imperială, cum că România "va fi parte" la luarea deciziilor, de va face parte din nucleul dur. Io o să cred cioaca asta când oi vedea salariul mediu RO la cel puţin 50% din media UE. Şi nu peste un cincinal!

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16 iulie 2016

The End Game is New World Order

The End Game - Scopul Final, Mutarea Decisivă

"They decided to use the monetary system to crush countries instead of armies." - Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. As Former Minister Of Defence, Hellyer has been exposed to the inner workings of Canada’s political and military systems.

At The Hearing on UFO Disclosure sponsored by the Alien Cosmic Expo in Brantford, Ontario this past June 25, 2016, Hellyer addressed a filled convention hall of people, cameras and reporters, asking the question; “Who is the next Empire?”

Pointing to the cabal of banking cartels, the oil cartel, big transnational corporations, the trilateral commission, intelligence agencies in the USA, UK, Israel, and the American military who are working in concert to crush countries economically and rule the world, Hellyer states that the cabal is running the US for the last half century to the point where Presidents have been little more than talking heads with the Congress being clueless as to what is going on.

“The end game is a world government, the New World Order, unelected and accountable only to them.” Heller exclaims. “That’s what they are doing. They decided to use the monetary system to crush countries instead of armies.”

If what we are seeing in Europe with BREXIT and the entire European Union experiencing financial turmoil, Paul Hellyer and his message needs to be heard!

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