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02 februarie 2015

Junta de la Kiev foloseşte artilerie autopropulsată de fabricaţie americană împotriva zonelor populate

"Best Artillery Invention Since Gun Powder" (

Truth in Ukraine: M109 Howitzer? =) - link    (alt clip - aici)

look at the type of ammunition: Used ammunition: guided missile M712 «Copperhead” high-explosive shells M107 and M795, cluster munitions M449A1, M483A1, M692 and M718 / M741, active-reactive high-explosive shells M549, M485 and illumination shells M818, smoke shell M825, practical projectile M804.

explosive projectile fragmentation looking for artilerii it is most common. M107 and m795. M107 obsolete ammunition but m795e2 is right.

You can not really say for sure that the installation was used M109 Palladin. Since this shell can shoot more three types of gunsbut as we can see a list of the operators of these guns over wide….

In the shelling Gorlovki Ukrainian military use American equipment. Proof of this channel information provided LifeNews Donetsk militia. In an exclusive interview, they told and shown, from which the security forces shelled the city.

As reported from the scene correspondent LifeNews, January 31 Ukrainian military fired Cathedral Gorlovki - shell landed on the roof of the temple grounds in the refectory, with the result that there was a fire.

Later militia DNR found several fragments of shells that do not belong to Ukrainian artillery, and even more so do not use Soviet or post-Soviet military equipment. According to their hypothesis, the UA use weapons to NATO.

- This is a special projectile 155-caliber self-propelled artillery of the M109 A1 American production, which is used by the NATO countries. On this apparatus is installed bottom detonator. If it gets into the walls and get stuck in it, then he shall rend it easily. If it gets into the interior of the building, the blast wave will happen indoors.

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Riddick spunea...

Best Artillery Invention Since Gun Powder

Riddick spunea...

Calibrul de artilerie 155 mm este standard NATO. Pactul de la Varşovia (Rusia, URSS) folosea 122, 125 şi 152 mm (la fel acum în luptele din Ucraina/Novorossia).

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

A.R.D., 2012 (punct din programul de guvernare): “Sprijinirea ideii întăririi unității politice a Uniunii Europene, inclusiv în punerea bazelor creării Statelor Unite ale Europei (SUE)”.

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