25 ianuarie 2018

A-nceput de ieri să cadă

Zvonul era că ar urma să ajungă ambasador (în Macedonia sau/şi Bosnia-Herţegovina). Hoitul lătra şi prin România, până nu demult. Să aşteptăm confirmarea, şi cât mai multe veşti bune de felul ăsta. Yeeee!

MINA Report:

Nuland’s enforcer Bryan Hoyt Yee was Fired, lied that he resigned

Nuland’s enforcer within the US State Department Bryan Hoyt Yee is currently unemployed. So, all the ultimatums, and threats that Yee had issued to Balkan Governments during the last year, although originally believed to be the official position of the American administration, seem to have not been the case – Hoyt Yee was following someone else’s agenda (Nuland, Brennan and Co).

The famous blackmailer, the US Deputy Assistant for EuroAsian affairs Brian Hoyt Yee was fired from the State Department! This was stated by Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik, stressing that this American Deep State operative “lied to Balkan media that he had resigned personally, in order not to lose his credibility of a “powerful statesman”, reports Informer.rs.

In addition, despite previous announcements, Hoyt Yee will not be the Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina or Macedonia, says Aleksandar Rakovic in an inteview with Sputnik, noting that Yee’s name no longer exists on the list of employees in the State Department.

In addition, Rakovic noted that it was clearly established that his policy towards the Balkan countries was detrimental, and that he made quite a few enemies of countries that America counted to be its allies.

– He only caused conflicts and provoked the governments of the states in the Balkans. Yee was on the bottom echelon in terms of ranking in US diplomacy, 6th, which means that someone of his position can not become a diplomat. In order to do this, he had to advance several steps in the hierarchy beforehand – emphasizes Rakovic.

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Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Bogdan Chirieac, 2013: "Cu alte cuvinte, Germania a avut dreptate să considere România o țară neguvernabilă. Poate de aceea sunt necesare și Statele Unite ale Europei cu Berlinul pe post de Washington. Astfel, în sfârșit, și aceste teritorii însemnând România, Bulgaria, dar și Italia, Grecia, Ungaria, vor deveni guvernabile."

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