29 iunie 2017

The opening of deadly doors

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'Ancient peoples in the Americas and around the globe Knew of the Watchers and the giants that roamed'. A VERY ANOINTED AND TIME APPOINTED POEM BY RANDY CONWAY-


Mountain top to mountain top
Ziggurat to ziggurat
Dimension to dimension
Who traversed them and with what intention?

From the heavens to the earth
What atrocities were given birth,
When the ben-Elohim saw the daughters of men
And in that moment an evil enterprise did begin.

From battle to battle into the flood
The seed had been stained, a corruption of blood.
Therein lies the intention
It was an evil contravention.

From the Adamite world until our own
The god-men and their offspring have been known
Most thought them but fable and myth or story
A few might have given them the place of allegory.

Ancient peoples in the Americas and around the globe
Knew of the Watchers and the giants that roamed.
They knew of the portals that bend time and space
Allowing dimensional beings to mingle with the human race.

But did they know how ancient was this plan
Always attempting to corrupt the seed of man?
To stop the Savior from ever being born
This is why the ben-Elohim crossed the heavenly bourne.

From the Vatican to Washington
Is but Apollyon to Abaddon.
From Cydonia to Sardinia into the Smithsonian
Once again something wicked this way comes.

Are the OOParts remnants left by ancient giants; the Rephaim?
The question must be asked are the giants coming back again.
The evidence is mounting proving their return is imminent
Untold peril will await all those who are ambivalent.

There are legends, lore and stories told
In books and parchments and ancient scrolls
Clues are left behind in rocks and caverns and under the ice
Many are the seekers of power the evidences have enticed.

Cover ups and lies attempting to guard the truth from our sight
Are the things of darkness now being brought into the light?
Is there power or fallen angel technology to be obtained?
Can man survive that which under the earth is chained?

The ancient portal doors long closed, men now long to open
Using technology mixed with Spiritism as druidic chants are spoken
Watchmen warn this could bring an unimaginable giant holocaust
As hungry cannibal cyclopeans are released when this line is crossed.

From ancient Mayan to the Hopi the stories differ little
In Europe and China ancient people received the same transmittal
And so it is as the accounts of giants span the globe
In every age in every land the giants found abode.

From Giza to the Valley of Elah Goliath was not alone
Can man survive the days ahead if giants are released to roam?
The connecting thread through the stories told is of giants eating flesh
It was not the flesh of animals that satisfied the hungry Gilgamesh.

From Switzerland to Washington men are searching for the key
From Babylon to the Smithsonian to unlock the Star gate that sets them free.
Is the fifth world now upon us, has timed now turned another page?
Will this be the generation to witness the “Cloudeaters Golden Age”?

“Be strong and courageous” is the command to the believer
Move along, nothing to see here is the lie given by the deceiver
He who knows the beginning from the end is able to keep the repentant
For those who scoff the Living Word the unimaginable is for them impendent.

by Randy Conway

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Traian Băsescu, 2011: "Am făcut o trecere în revistă legată de problemele Uniunii Europene şi eu am susţinut nevoia unei mult mai puternice integrări şi nu mă jenez să reiau teza nevoii de a crea Statele Unite ale Europei. Mai mult, am subliniat faptul că nu avem timp de tergiversări şi calendarul unor decizii importante trebuie să fie foarte strâns".

Traian Băsescu, 2011: "Clasa politică este incorectă în Europa de la căderea comunismului, de 20 de ani. Oamenii politici europeni nu au ştiut când să se oprească şi şi-au îndatorat statele pentru a creşte pensiile, salariile, programele sociale. Soluţia în momentul de faţă în Europa este o integrare - Statele Unite ale Europei. Nu poţi să faci politică fiscală când politicile fiecărui stat sunt diferite".

Traian Băsescu, 2011: "Din păcate, întârzierea nu va folosi nimănui. Nu putem lăsa această misiune următoarei generaţii de politicieni. Trebuie să avem curaj s-o facem acum şi să începem să vorbim despre Statele Unite ale Europei. Dar nu numai să vorbim. Trebuie să le proiectăm şi să avem forţa politică, fiecare la noi acasă, să convingem cetăţenii că aceasta este soluţia".

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