16 mai 2016

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A Second Look At the United Nations [1964]

Comentariile sunt mai recente (post-1964), dar se referă la o carte a lui G. Edward Griffin (84) din acelaşi an. Autorul face referire la "a global collectivist oligarchy", "a World Government".

http://safetyandviolence.is/griffin/ (ebook)   .pdf

http://safetyandviolence.is/veon/ (related)

"The Fearful Master: A Second Look" at the United Nations burst on the scene in 1964. It brought to a hugely propagandized populace vitally needed truths about the foundation and deeds of the organization most had been persuaded to accept and even applaud. Even before finishing the book, readers developed their own well-founded revulsion toward the world body. They realized for the first time the threat to freedom and national independence posed by this organization. This newly found awareness given with such clarity and unquestionable accuracy by Mr. Griffin's work, continues to grow, as does the demand that the United States withdraw completely from the United Nations and all of its subsidiary institution.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Marius Stoian, 2013: Regionalizarea - "un episod al Marelui Proiect European, care, într-un ciclu de câteva secole va dezmembra pentru a recompune o altă realitate antropo-geografică în termenii, acum futurişti, ai unei naţiuni europene cu 'dialecte' naţionale de muzeu etnografic".

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