20 decembrie 2014

Maskirovka? Trădare, mai degrabă...


alright mr murid, whatcha gonna do? i know, nothing, cos russia is dead, you are just reading the funeral rites, why do your readers imagine there is some “resistance” here?

Joint patrols
El Murid, Dec 20 2014 18:40

Joint partly-owned areas DND and LNR militia and Ukrainian military can begin Dec 28. In order not to frighten immediately, the Ukrainian military are hiding under the abbreviation of “Joint control centre”, however, the headquarters of the Center is in Debaltsevo, which is located in the control zone of the APU. Neutral it is reported that in the work of the centre attended military DND, LNR and Russia, however, participation in the work is very vague. Today participate, tomorrow is not. I remember when this information was announced two months ago, supporters of all sorts of cunning plans angrily condemned her: “It can’t be because it cannot be.” As it turns out – can. We are talking about the fact that Kiev is primarily intends to take control of the entire border through joint patrols, from which the militia will be quietly and without much publicity dismissed. So we are talking about the translation of all border crossings under the control of the Ukrainian border guard and customs. Further developments will be no less than everyday and work – militia should be the local police, which will come under the Kiev administration, then the police will be diluted by local workers – but already directed “the other side” and loyal, of course, her well, and then reorganizing and shaking up States. With the dismissal of all questionable and unprofessional staff. Apparently, the vacationers on the territory of the DND and LNR, and also near the border, now perform a certain task – keep the situation under control and, if necessary, can suppress any rebellion and performances militias. Anyway, in the current situation it is difficult to find a different application. This does not exclude provocation on the part of Kyiv, as well as some desperate action on the part of the militia that can understand what all this is about – but so far everything is moving in the specified in early autumn the direction of the Kremlin guaranteed its commitment to a unified and indivisible Ukraine, and gradually performs all its obligations. After the transfer of the territories under Kiev will pay for the restoration of the destroyed and hope for the celebration of the victory of the Nazis will forget about the Crimea, and satisfied with the complaisance of Russia, the West will lift all sanctions.

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Riddick spunea...

The Russian loanword maskirovka (literally: disguise, camouflage, concealment) is used to describe the Soviet Union and Russia's military doctrine of surprise through deception, in which camouflage plays a significant role.


Riddick spunea...

Zaharcenko este (apud Niqnaq; dar foarte plauzibil !) un impostor, un trădător care face ce face cu acordul Kremlinului şi cu instrucţiuni precise.

in your dreams, dmitri

Zakharchenko has been placed under arrest, Plotnitsky taken to Russia: activist


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what the hell is the point of this bullshit, who do you think you are kidding


Anonim spunea...

Pentru mai mare impact este bine sa traduceti aceste articole dar fac precizarea.... nu pentru mine

Riddick spunea...

Eh... timp să am io. Vin azi c-o postare-traducere (am postat originalul acum o lună). Pe tema Iohannis-Berlin.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Silviu Prigoană, 2011 (este de acord cu eliminarea caracterului naţional al statului, susţinută de UDMR): "Acest lucru se întâmplă în toate statele europene. În toate constituţiile ţărilor care au aderat la spaţiul comunitar este eliminată această poveste. Acum intrăm în comunitatea europeană şi vom fi statele europene, aşa cum există Statele Unite ale Americii, asta se doreşte de fapt şi caracterul naţional trebuie să dispară, va fi naţionalitate europeană. Ei sunt americani punct şi noi trebuie să fim toţi europeni punct, fără graniţe, fără Kosovo, fără mutat graniţe mai la Braşov sau mai la Oradea".

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