03 septembrie 2021

Timpul este ACUM

Nu mai reiau "toate explicaţiile", le-am scris aici şi aici

Cine-şi mai aminteşte serialul TV Millenium, difuzat prin 1999-2000, sâmbăta (acelasi regizor ca şi la X Files, difuzat joia), remarcă "împlinirea profeţiilor" în ceea ce priveşte molima ("the outbreak", aşa apărea rostit în serial, nu "the pandemic"). Şi similitudinea acţiunilor (aşa-zis) conspirate.

"Apare şi China" (la momentul 18:12):

REPORTER: (V.O) There are strange reports out of the Eastern region of China near Jinan – in which an entire village of farmers and their families were found dead today. Information is sketchy with causes being attributed to everything from mass suicide to a toxic spill.


Jinan este la vreo 700 de km de Wuhan. "Nimic", la scara Chinei. Dar tot cinci litere, şi aceeaşi terminaţie, "an". Se ştia bine de pe atunci că la Wuhan "este un centru d-ăla" - şi trebuia lansat predictive programming din vreme, în vederea incidentelor plasate acolo, ori măcar atribuite "acelui loc".

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Riddick spunea...


[Davis residence – night. A hazardous materials team (haz-mat team), dressed in yellow biohazard suits burst into the suburban household. Each haz-mat member wears a gas mask, and most carry red canisters/bags. Many are carrying flashlights. Their leader is Dr. Sorenson. The team fan out around the house. We see the Davis' half-eaten Mother's Day meal still laid out on the table. Some men squirt a liquid over blood stains on the wall, dissolving them. Others are collecting items in red plastic bags. Another team member carries a meter around, sweeping the area. The device emits bleeps. The readout displays a long line of digital numbers, rising rapidly. A bird cage hangs nearby, a haz-mat member shines his flashlight inside to find a dead budgie on the cage floor. The bleeping on the meter becomes more urgent, quicker. The team member stops in front of a window, staring ahead.]

TEAM MEMBER: Dr. Sorenson, we're in a hot zone.

SORENSON: We can't determine that until we collect all the evidence. And corroborate it with the CDC at Fort Detrick.

[Sorenson has joined his associate at the window. Both staring.]

TEAM MEMBER: We don't have to wait, sir. It's here. We knew it was coming. That it would spread faster than we could ever control it, and now it's here. The time is now.

[Now we see what they're looking at: on the outside lawn lies a collection of dead birds.]

[fade out]

[main titles]

[fade in]



Riddick spunea...


Riddick spunea...

RADIO BROADCASTER: (V.O) ... under the advisement of the Centers for Disease Control, the federal Government of the State of Washington have declared King, Piers, and Thurston counties quarantine areas until further notice. The CDC admits to not having identified an infectious agent or cause of the outbreak.

[A phone rings. The broadcast continues as Catherine walks into an adjoining room and picks up the receiver.]

[Frank's jeep – day. Frank is driving, with his cell-phone to his ear.]
FRANK: Catherine?

[Scenes intercut between Catherine and Frank.]
CATHERINE: Where are you now, I've been calling you all night.
FRANK: Pack up all the provisions you can – I'll be there in an hour.
CATHERINE: We need you here now.
FRANK: I'll load up the van myself – don't you or Jordan go outside.

Riddick spunea...

CATHERINE: If I get sick, I don't want you to watch me die.
CATHERINE: I don't want her to watch me die.

[Catherine is nearly crying now.]
CATHERINE: You would have to...

[Frank knows what Catherine's getting at.]
FRANK: What? I couldn't do that. I couldn't.
CATHERINE: You have to.
FRANK: (quickly) No, no, no. We'll get through this – what are you asking?
CATHERINE: Wouldn't you want...
FRANK: I wouldn't ask you to do that. I'd go out in the woods. I'd just...

[Now Frank breaks; not believing they're talking like this – can't bring himself to continue. He hugs Catherine.]
FRANK: I wouldn't ask you to do that – I wouldn't.
CATHERINE: If you both became sick, I wouldn't (a beat) I wouldn't want to live after that.
FRANK: I can't get sick.

[Catherine is surprised.]
FRANK: It was done to me and I didn't ask for it. The Group gave me a vaccine.
CATHERINE: They know what this is?!
FRANK: I don't know what they know.
CATHERINE: What are they doing about it?
FRANK: It's a virus. And it may be it loses it virulence; it becomes..., it fades away, or maybe they're going to give it to the Government, I don't know. They told me that they only had enough for their members.

[Frank turns away, upset – cups his face in his hands. Can't bear it. Catherine squeezes his arm and he sits back up with a groan.]
CATHERINE: Oh my god.

[Frank reaches across and grabs something, places it on his lap.]
FRANK: Lara Means got a sense of what was gonna happen to her.

[We see Frank has Lara's envelope marked FRANK BLACK. He opens it. Inside is a small syringe marked 'MARBURG VARIANT PRP - VACCINE'. Frank holds Catherine. They look at each other.]
CATHERINE: We gotta give it to Jordan. Right away. (a beat) I love you.

[They both hug harder.]

Riddick spunea...

[Henry's cabin – later. Catherine sits up from her blankets. Something troubling her. She stands and crosses to a provision box. Digging inside she brings out a flashlight and illuminates her palm – it's creased with blood. In shock, Catherine can only stare. The realization begins to hit her and she brushes back her hair – on her neck below her left ear is a large black papule. She feels it. We see Catherine's legs cross over to stand in front of Frank, who is fast asleep. She then walks over to Jordan, and bends down. Catherine looks at Jordan's peaceful face, asleep. She manages a slight smile as she looks at her daughter.]

[fade out.]

[fzzzzt!. A brief burst of TV static.]

[Henry's cabin – later. Frank sits up, wide awake. Senses something's wrong. He grabs a flashlight and scans the cabin for Catherine. The beam shines on blots of dried blood on his wife's pillow. Frank moves across to the cabin window. He looks out at the moonlit forest, nobody around. But he knows.]

[fade out.]

[Fzzzzt! A brief screen of TV static.]

[Henry's cabin – later. Now Jordan sits up, wide awake. Jordan looks around.]
JORDAN: Where's mom?

[Jordan notices something. Smiles and giggles. She clambers across the blankets, not seeing the blood on Catherine's pillow, to her father, sat on the floor against the cabin wall, his hair has turned completely gray, and he stares into space. Frank absently grabs Jordan and places her on his knee, still staring, saying nothing. Jordan smiles, but gets no reaction. She begins playing with her father's hair, touching it. fzzzzt! A brief burst of TV static. Jordan sits with Frank, fiddling with his hair. fzzzzt! Frank stares. fzzzzt! Jordan and Frank sat together. fzzzzt! Static and shouting voices. Jordan prodding her father's hair, no response. fzzzzt! Sounds of sirens heard through static. The scene begins to flicker between the cabin and the screen of static. fzzzt! fzzzzt! fzzzt! Zager and Evans' "In The Year 2525" song begins to play over sequence.]

STATIC VOICE: (V.O) We are in desperate need of supplies. Many are dead. This is a general distress call. Send help.

[The screen stays on the static. fzzzzt]

[fade to black]

[end titles]

Riddick spunea...

"We see Frank has Lara's envelope marked FRANK BLACK. He opens it. Inside is a small syringe marked 'MARBURG VARIANT PRP - VACCINE'. Frank holds Catherine. They look at each other."

Adică, Lara Means ("nebuna cu vedenii" - tipa cu zarurile şi cu cana, care apare pe fond muzical) i-a dat/trimis un vaccin care - poate - i se dăduse ei pentru "folosinţă exclusivă", ori facuse rost de el cumva (poate chiar de la Grupul Millenium).

Riddick spunea...

Frank Black fusese deja vaccinat, iar când întreabă "despre familiile membrilor Grupului", răspunsul nu-i direct, dar el înţelege: "nu şi ei". Vaccinul din plic este "suplimentar" (Lara Means nu ştia că Frank era deja imunizat) şi va ajunge la fiica lui (Jordan), de comun acord cu soţia, care înţelege imediat situaţia, iar la momentul apariţiei simptomelor pleacă singură în pădure, să moară departe de Frank şi Jordan - "să n-o vadă aşa".

- - - - - - -

FRANK: The Group has a vaccine. They gave to us.
WATTS: Yeah, after '86 they developed a vaccine that would keep the virus in check once it entered the body.
FRANK: (quickly) So people can be inoculated.
WATTS: There would never be enough material to develop a universal vaccine. They only made enough for Group members.
FRANK: And their families.

[Watts looks at Frank.]
FRANK: And their families, Peter.
WATTS: It was always about control, Frank. They're gonna expect us to stay with them now that they've protected us from this plague.
FRANK: So watching our families die, that's protecting us?
WATTS: What are you going to do?
FRANK: Get your family, I have a place where we can stay.

[Watts turns to go, but turns back as Frank speaks.]
FRANK: Lara Means – can you contact her?

Anonim spunea...

Bine ca te-ai indurat si-ai dat transcrierea textului in lb. romana caci eu , nu stiu de ce dar , inteleg mai repede , mai bine si , aproape corect textul scris decat vorbaria alora . Multumesc pentru bunavointa !

Anonim spunea...

Apropos d e DUDA si d e My Angry Rants : am pariat cu niste evcini pe alegerea lui Cacatzu la sefia PNL aia mergand pe LOrban iar eu pe...CACATZU :-( . Intre timp , citind atent niste postari mai vechi { nu chiar vechi } de-ale dumitale , incep sa ma-ntreb daca nu cumva ai avut dreptate , facand pe baba Vanga si vazandu-l pe Gen. Ciuca pe post de viitor Prim Ministru intr-un Guvern...de care-o fi , iar concluzia mea { nu-s prea sigur ca-i si corecta } este : KRAUTUL SE TEME CA DE DRACU DE UN P.M. CARE SA AIVA ARMATA IN GHEARE CACI , CIUCA ESTE MILITAR DE CARIERA SI FOST COLEG CU MAJORITATEA ALORA DE LA SCMDR SI CU MULTI NEMULTZUMITI AFLATI IN ALTE PARTIDE DAR...MILITARI CE , ABIA ASTEAPTA SA-L SALTE SI PE NEAMTZ SI PE AIA DE-L PAZESC .ASTA IN CIUDA FAPTULUI CA , SI CIUCA NICOLAE FACE PARTE DIN P.N.L. ADICA ....PARTIDUL CARE-A PROPULSAT VITA ASTA TEUTONICA LA COTROCENI .Vezi si dumneata cat de corecta sau dimpotriva , este parerea mea vis a vis de numirea lui Ciuca Prim Ministru in caz ca , CACATZU ....nu cade la zar . Adica , fix ceea ce spuneai dumneata din postura de baba Vanga , cu multe luni mai inainte .

Riddick spunea...


Anonim spunea...

Glumesti ? Pai , pe cine sau DE CE sa bage " licuriciul " Romania in razbel taman cu Rusia ? Cu " armata " de mercenari pe care-o au romanii rusii n-ar avea nevoie nici sa se deranjeze sa treaca frontierele cu oastea lor : este suficient sa trimita aici elevii scolilor militare ...cadetii aia de la A.Suvorov sau Amiral Macarov si linisteste tendintele belicoase ale mamaligarilor in cateva ceasuri ! Fireste...zic merci pentru parerea dumitale si chiar , stiindu-te mai informat , nu te contrazic .

Riddick spunea...

Pâi aşa a primit el ordinele, "nu c-ar avea şi cu ce le îndeplini corespunzător".

Riddick spunea...

... şi nu numai România, ci şi "Flancul Estic", şi NATO.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Liga Pro Europa, 2005:
Regiunile să fie recunoscute constituţional ca entităţi teritoriale şi politico-administrative, dispunînd de competenţe conferite prin transferul acestora de la nivel statal la nivel regional în domenii ca: sănătatea, educaţia, administraţia locală, asistenţa socială, construirea de locuinţe, dezvoltarea economică, transporturile, politicile de mediu, agricultură, sport, artă, cultură, cercetare, etc. Regiunile ar urma să dispună de legislative şi executive regionale. Primele alegeri regionale ar urma să aibă loc în 2008. Fondul de solidaritate regională, administrat în mod transparent şi la care regiunile ar contribui în mod diferenţiat, după puterea lor economică, ar avea menirea să atenueze disparităţile regionale.
Parlamentul. Parlamentul României ar urma să îşi păstreze caracterul bicameral, cu competenţe distincte şi clare pentru fiecare cameră, inclusiv mecanisme de alegere diferite.
Senatul – Camera Superioară – i-ar include pe reprezentanţii regiunilor, ai minorităţilor naţionale, ai cultelor, ai românilor din afara graniţelor. Foştii şefi de stat ar putea fi senatori de drept.
Camera Deputaţilor – Camera Inferioară, ar urma să includă exclusiv parlamentari reprezentînd partide politice (nu şi reprezentanţi ai minorităţilor, în afara cazului cînd acestea îşi constituie partide şi ating pragul electoral). Sistemul de vot pentru Camera Deputaţilor ar urma să combine circumscripţiile uninominale şi sistemul de vot pe liste.
Guvernul. O parte însemnată a competenţelor guvernamentale ar urma să fie delegate în sus, odată cu integrarea europeană, către Comisia Europeană, iar o altă parte semnificativă ar urma să fie transferată către executivele regionale, în baza principiului subsidiarităţii, creîndu-se astfel premizele unei administraţii eficiente, flexibile şi ieftine.


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