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Speech by the Chief Prosecutor Viktor Ilyukhin on the process of the military Tribunal of the Russian officers’ meeting in the case of illegal and destructive activities of Vladimir Putin.

On Feb 10 2011 in Moscow the Russian officers meeting held a military Tribunal to deal with the destructive activities of V Putin. The accusatory speech at the session of the Tribunal was made by the Deputy of the State Duma, Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation V I Ilyukhin. You are invited to the speech of the chief Prosecutor and the excerpt from the verdict of the military Tribunal.

Dear comrades!

In accordance with the decision of the Russian officers meeting held in Feb 2008, its Presidium was formed military Tribunal for the assessment of the activities of the former President of the Russian Federation, the former Supreme Commander of the Russian armed forces, V Putin, now Prime Minister of Russia. The meeting of the officers could not get past the destructive policy, which was and continues to be V Putin against the defense and security of Russia, on the decomposition of the army and Navy, the Military-industrial complex. A group of scientists, lawyers, major military specialists, experts from different fields of knowledge, having a deep and unbiased analysis of the activity of V Putin, came to the unequivocal conclusion about committing intentional actions that have led to a sharp weakening of the military, economic and other relics of the country. It should be noted that this activity has largely been possible due to the passivity of the Russian society, the military and military opposition, was done under the cover of large-scale populism and the dope of the nation that there is no example in modern history, if not to remember Goebbels methods of “brainwashing”. The current behaviour of the society and the army can be compared with the behaviour ride horses, which lead to the slaughter, but a little bit fed in the road, and she is so happy.

In our reasoning we proceed from the fact that the President concentrates in his hands unlimited, extremely important to control the state and society, authority. The President determines the main directions of domestic and foreign policy, approve the military doctrine of the Russian Federation. He also generates the Russian government and oversees its activities, is of great powers in the legislative process, having the right of nomination of legislative initiatives, signing and promulgation of laws. The exclusive powers of the President are largely determinative in the life of society and state. So he, like no other, and bears full responsibility for the destiny of the peoples of Russia and the security of our homeland. However, we believe that many of the gravest consequences of his rule is quite obvious and does not require proof. Obvious and gradual process, the expansion of Russia under the guise of unfulfilled promises about the increase in Gross domestic product doubled by Dec 2010, reasoning about programs 20-20, allegedly decided military matters, the problems of demography and so on. Our country is in a historically short period of time was pushed back beyond the boundaries of civilized development of the 21st century. During treacherous change of government in Russia and to conduct subsequent liberal reforms of the real sector of the Russian economy has undergone a powerful destructive influences. Lost primarily mighty industry, large-scale mechanized agriculture, fully developed infrastructure. Destroyed reliable system of training of highly qualified personnel. Russia ceased to be an independent industrial power, which is now not competitive engineering and machine tools, electronics, aircraft and automotive industries. The country consumes more than half of foreign food and can not put on shoes and to dress their citizens.

However, we offer a military Tribunal to focus on the defensive aspect, but this does not mean that will not be affected other spheres of economic and political nature. And yet, the military aspect is decisive for us. We believe that all acts which led to a significant weakening the defense of the country, V Putin made consciously. Between his actions and the ensuing consequences have a direct link. We also realize that the collapse of the armed forces began B Yeltsin, however, V Putin not only not opposed, but enhanced it. As President of the country on Aug 30 2000, Reaffirming its commitment to the Yeltsin course, was submitted to the State Duma the draft law “On guarantees of the President of the Russian Federation ceased to fulfill its mandate and members of his family,” which deputati-edinorossami was “protomen” with fervent approval. They haven’t quite realised that in ten years the same documents on guarantees of heads of subjects of the Federation will be accepted and in the regions. In the third article of the law, quoting verbatim:
The President of the Russian Federation ceased to fulfill its mandate, has immunity. He cannot be held criminally liable for acts committed during the period of execution of the powers of the President of the Russian Federation, as well as detained, arrested, subjected to search, examine, or a personal check, if these steps are carried out in the course of proceedings related to the execution of powers of the President of the Russian Federation.
Thus V Putin obedient to him by the Parliament gave himself the indulgence of crimes, impunity and lack of accountability in the performance of duties of the President. And this happened after Sep 14 2000, Russia signed the Rome Statute of the International criminal court, in which there is a demand:
Official position as head of state… can in no case relieve a person from criminal responsibility under this Statute, and is not in itself a ground for mitigation of sentence.
From this position of international law has priority over national law, and we will proceed. Wrongful acts V Putin to the presidency, and while it was expressed in different forms, ranging from participation in the so-called operation for the illegal movement of A Sobchak across the state border under the guise of his treatment in France, and actually withdrawal from prosecution, which was conducted against the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in the early 90s, to deliberate weakening the defense of the Russian state because of its substantial funding through publication clearly untenable decrees, orders, appointment obvious incompetent individuals, the formation of a government on the basis of the St Petersburg-mafia clan, spawned in the power of irresponsibility and lack of control, a situation of universal corruption and abuse, which are cleverly disguised and masked still populist speeches, television shows, attempt the bureaucracy of the party “United Russia” through obedient and controlled their media to create Putin Century image of a national leader and Savior of the Fatherland.

The prosecution considers it necessary to emphasize that under Putin’s reign of corruption, embezzlement of public funds has reached the pinnacle of size, significantly weakening the defense of the country. No one else but V Putin, as President, in 2003, was submitted to the State Duma amendments to the criminal code about the withdrawal of such an effective means of influencing dangerous criminals, as the confiscation of property. The step is made clearly in the interests of criminals, organized crime. The amendment was adopted edinorossovsky majority in the Federal Assembly. And only under pressure from the international community, “confiscation” in 2006 was returned to the Russian criminal code. Deed Century, Putin gave the opportunity to re-evaluate his essence as a man of little moral and self-serving, protecting the interests of oligarchic capital. And if today there were allegations of him as the richest man who made his vast fortune in an unjust way, they fit in the logic of his behavior. V Putin, being on top of the state government, never took radical measures to combat corruption and organized crime. While in 1998-99 at the head of the FSB, he disbanded the management of economic espionage and counterintelligence strategic objects. First identified all of the most serious economic crimes, the second did not give away the company, which constitute the glory of Russia, the property of foreigners.

According to the official data, V V Putin was born on Oct 7 1952 in an ordinary Soviet family, grew up mostly without a father and all costs of his training was carried by his mother, Maria Shalamova. In 1975 graduated from the law faculty of Leningrad state University, was assigned to work in the public security organs. From 1985 to 1990 on the First line of the main intelligence Directorate of the KGB worked in the GDR. He joined the Communist party, until 1991 was in its ranks, then, when the Communist party has ceased to fulfil his selfish interests, joined the party “United Russia” and being non-partisan, became its leader, and then in the party and around her formed a crowd of embezzlers, corrupt, frank rapists and other scum. Shock troop “award was given to him” out of state Duma deputies and Federation Council members has largely been the conductor of Putin’s policy. Suffice it to recall that the members of the Russian Parliament, without hesitation, approved the transfer of V Putin Chinese Islands in the Amur is 340 sq km of the Russian land, utterly complete oblivion of Russian interests, supported his unfounded claims about the execution of the USSR Polish officers at Katyn, dragged detrimental to the country’s housing and public utilities reform, etc. His departure from the security organs Century, Putin explained quite simply:
I already knew that the future of this system. The country has no future. And to sit inside the system, and wait for it to collapse… I was still in bodies, but slowly began to think about the alternate aerodrome… Sobchak, of course, was a bright man and a prominent political figure, but to link their future with it was quite risky. All could have just one moment to turn around.
According to the charges he is now thinking about the alternate aerodrome. This is the recognition of the future Director of the FSB, and then President. Nasty, cynical recognition of the trimmer, but not “security officer” and the state of the man who first duty would be to think about the safety and welfare of their country. These personal qualities V Putin was largely determined by the motivation of his actions as President and Chairman of the Russian government. It is regrettable that he is still in the leadership of the country. 

After the defeat of A Sobchak at the election of the Governor of St Petersburg, V Putin turned out to be nothing and A Chubais, being the head of the administration of President B Yeltsin, took him to work. So was formed the tandem Chubais-Putin. Tandem with Chubais, who is a holder of US orders. On Mar 26 2000, V Putin was elected President, and in this position will be until May 2007. At the same time he will become the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Russia. It should be noted that after the release of V Putin on great Olympus of state power in its former St Petersburg environment will be a few deaths, seemingly unrelated, including A Sobchak, but not related at first glance. At the same time is killing L Rokhlin, the first leader of the Movement in support of the army. Many of those who know V Putin, were with him in difficult situations noted in its rigidity, turning into violence, a certain vindictiveness and his evil memory, the ability to “climb up”, do not hesitate in choosing the means to achieve the goal. The occurrence of V Putin’s presidency was marked by the death of APK Kursk and 118 sailors and crew members of the submarine. Russia has suffered tremendous damage, and the causes of the tragedy and remain unclear. Amaze detachment and cynicism Century Putin, which he showed to the death of seafarers. On the question of the fate of APK Kursk, for example, he coolly and proudly said: “The submarine sank.”

In the conditions of intensified inter-ethnic relations in the country, rising crime and drug abuse among minors, V Putin was among the first of their decisions adopted fraught with grave consequences decrees on the abolition of the Ministry for nationalities and Federal committees on youth Affairs and sports, cinema. For it was unnecessary and the Committee of the North and the Far East, although these regions have many natural resources are crucial for the Russian economy. In addition to these regions fell acute demographic situation, a sharp outflow of population from the outskirts of the state and turning them into lifeless space. The results were not long in coming. The most serious consequence was that the number of children and young people up to 18 years in Russia decreased by 14 million people, in the country more than 7 million drug addicts. From the map of the Russian Federation disappeared over 18,000 villages, eliminated more than 20,000 secondary schools. This is a crushing blow to the nation on the security and defense capability of the country. The destruction of national defense has been and continues to be methodically in many areas, including the expulsion from the armed forces of professional staff.

And it is not just about cuts, but about the exile of morality and patriotism of the army and Navy. No one else but V Putin on Feb 15 2004 appointed to the post of Defense Minister philologist by education S Ivanov, incapable of deep analysis and building defence policy in the larger perspective. To replace him on such a responsible post he appointed A Serdyukov, engaged in the furniture business and has no relation to military Affairs. After that the Ministry of defence has actually turned into a big commercial area, where A Serdyukov at the same time holds leadership positions in several companies. On Mar 23 2007 already in the post of defence Minister A Serdyukov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Khimprom”. In Sep 2008 with his active participation was established JSC “Oboronservis”, registered in the building of the Ministry of Defense, 19 Znamenka Sreet, Moscow, which brought 9 joint stock companies, specializing in independent business activities. Currently, JSC “Oboronservis” there are more than 300 enterprises, and its Chairman A Serdyukov was appointed by the order itself. This is an invalid combination of Minister and businessman, but V Putin was not disobedient to him, because he believes the business is more important than the defense and security of the country.

Like all Amateurs, S Ivanov, A Serdyukov was unable and unwilling to endure professionals around him, intelligent and moral people. So they expelled from the armed forces the best, most respected, talented commanders. Among them the commander of the Army aviation, Col-Gen Vitaly Pavlov, range aviation commander, Lt-Gen Mikhail Oparin, black sea fleet commander Adm Vladimir Komoedov, the chief of the Main operational Directorate of the General staff, Col-Gen Alexander Rukshin. Sent to the honorable the link commander of the strategic Missile forces, army Gen Vladimir Yakovlev… Energetic, talented generals, who knows, loves the army, and they were one with it, with those with whom they studied, served, fought, who were put in position, raised, raised. This unity, a powerful spirit, destroyed the commander-in-chief. Refer to the resignation of combat and talented General, a true patriot Alexander Skorodumov, responsible for combat training of the Armed Forces of Russia. In it he noted: “
The army no longer needed professionals… do not want to serve, if the position we put forward not by merit, but by acquaintance.
The prosecution adds, and money. We accuse V Putin’s systematic destruction of military science and military educational institutions, the destruction of the Russian intelligence center. On his command, Russia has gone from legendary military base during the Vietnam Cam Ranh Bay, faithfully serving our interests more than 20 years. The powerful center of the radio, an airport with multiple runways, modern Marina, station electronic surveillance, school, hospital, residential buildings, separate mixed aviation regiment which was four strategic bomber Tu-95, four Tu-142, a squadron of Tu-16 and MiG-25… Lost a strategically important base for Russia, providing our naval presence in the Indian ocean and the Persian Gulf. Not only left Cam Ranh. Went with a naval base in Tartus (Syria), losing a foothold in the Mediterranean sea, left Cienfuegos in Cuba in close proximity to US shores, has closed three electronic intelligence centres in Angola, two bases in Somalia: military air base in Hargeisa and Navy in Berbere and other places. After leaving Vietnam, the only base listening to the Russian security services remained the center of electronic intelligence at Lourdes (Cuba). The possibilities of this modernized in 1997, the year of the Russian e-centre is allowed to intercept even messages with US communications satellites, telecommunication cables, control the communication center of NASA in Florida. The Minister of Defense of Cuba Raul Castro not without reason said that 70% of residentially Russian security services had with Lourdes. And this base Putin eliminated. A powerful complex electronic reconnaissance “Ramona” in Ansan city, Korea province Hwange allow our intelligence to monitor US aircraft in Japan, where, as we know, only in Okinawa there are 11 US military bases. Finding our intelligence center at Lourdes in Cuba and in Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam was a vital moment in the security of the Russian Federation. They have to keep. V Putin acted differently, they were destroyed by doing the will of the US administration and caused thereby colossal damage to Russian interests. Do not dare to do even B Yeltsin, which was followed by similar proposals Americans. Destruction of the prosecution as regards the direct act of betrayal and sees in the actions of V Putin not only signs, but also the crime of treason to the state.

On Mar 22 2001, 0859 MSK by decision of V Putin, the Russian orbital station “Mir” was flooded, in other words killed. Russian cosmonauts appreciated its liquidation as a betrayal of Russia. Putin, Kasyanov, Klebanov and Kopteva in Star city called Ku-Klux-Klan (sic – RB), zero-value station. The decision to code the orbital centre Putin made again at the insistence of the President of the US. Leaving unique space station Mir, the construction and the operation of which is cost $4.3b, is the closure of the relevant faculties in universities, folding, crafts and other studies. According to scientists V Putin drowned in the ocean not only the Mir station, together with her, he put on the bottom of numerous military programs, unique scientific experiments. Lost opportunities from destruction intelligence center in Cuba and Vietnam, drowning station “Mir” have not been filled, including space satellites. The destruction of the station is another crime of the Russian President. In Jan 2004 during a visit to Delhi, Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov, on behalf of V Putin signed a contract for the sale India heavy aircraft carrying cruiser “Admiral Gorshkov”, which was the symbol of power of the domestic fleet. Experts estimate that this one ship could solve the problem of anti-submarine confrontation throughout the Barents sea. The sale of the power and glory of the Russian Navy Kremlin power again explained cynically and brazenly:
To maintain the ship for the Russian Navy and its subsequent operation in the country simply has no money.
But there was money for Abramovich to build a squadron of expensive yachts, which in its technical and other data amaze many cash bigwigs of the world. And again a question arises: What is more important for Putin, the country’s security or the interests and welfare of the oligarchs? One answer is the interests of the oligarchs, on which he relies and which finance his electoral campaigns.

For the same reasons at bargain prices were sold to the heavy aircraft-carrying cruisers “Minsk”, “Novorossiysk”, “Kyiv”, cruisers “Zozulya”, “Fokin”, “Murmansk”, a half dozen destroyers destroyers and large anti-submarine ships. With the sale of heavy vehicles for Russia actually said goodbye to the world ocean and ceased to be a great Maritime power. Its aircraft carrier fleet eventually got China at bargain prices, which now gives its modernization. In 1989 in Finland by order of the Navy of the USSR was built the world’s most powerful unique rescue tug “Fotiy Krylov” with the power plant in 25,000 horsepower, able to pull even the largest aircraft carriers at sea state eight points. It was a unique rescue complex with modern diving equipment, hyperbaric chamber, underwater cameras, underwater welding and cutting metal, other modern equipment. However, he was sold to Greece and the Russian Navy has lost another opportunity to assist ships in distress, including the submarine “Kursk”. During Putin’s reign, the Navy of Russia has decreased by almost two times. As at the end of 2007, for example, there was 1 aircraft carrying cruisers, 2 heavy cruisers, 1 of them in repair, 4 guided missile cruiser, 9 destroyers and large anti-submarine ships. By 2015 in the Russian Navy will remain no more than 60 submarines and ships of the 1st and 2nd grade and almost all the outdated samples. By this time, the US fleet will increase to 300 ships of the same class. The prosecution is well aware that Russia may not include in its scope the fleet, which had the Soviet Union. But we can’t help but realize that after the destruction of the Union state of Russia’s Maritime territory remained almost unchanged.

In conditions of extreme backwardness of Russia’s conventional forces from NATO countries, which cannot be eliminated in the coming years, the last support and the basis for the security of the country is its strategic nuclear forces. But here the treacherous policy of Yeltsin and Putin has been disastrous for Russia. I would like to dwell on some points, as the experts will complement me. I will start with statements by the Director of the Moscow Institute of heat Yuri Solomonov, the developer of rocket complexes “Topol-M”, that Russia has lost more than 200 technologies for production of ballistic missiles, which significantly undermines the defense of our country. Under the state program of armaments in Russia for 2007-2015 must be purchased 17 ICBMs Topol-M”. On the Russian armed forces will be 68 ICBM Topol-M in silo launchers, and 69 ICBMs of the same type, but in the mobile version. However, by this time will be a multiple exceeded the warranty time combat operation, all without exception ICBMs fixed in the USSR at the time of the signing of the Treaty on strategic offensive reductions Treaty (START-1, 1991), and they will be removed from combat duty. Thus by Dec 31 2015 we will have 147 land-based ICBMs with 351 nuclear warheads. It is even worse in marine nuclear triad. In 1991 Russia from the USSR passed 55 nuclear submarines strategic purpose, and they are all by 2015 will be removed from combat duty. Tragically, from 1990 to 2007 in Russia was not built a single nuclear submarine strategic purpose. High combat resistance possessed mobile railway complex RT-23, the rocket which was equipped with not one warhead as “poplar”, and 10 PS. While in the travelling position the complex had the appearance of a normal car refrigerator, so to find his means of observation was impossible. It is symptomatic that the US administration quietly refers to the presence of SRF complexes “Topol”, but persistently sought from the Russian leadership, the elimination of the RT-23. In 1990s this requirement of the US was not fulfilled, all complexes RT-23 remained a part of the strategic missile forces. And only at the direction of V Putin they are within 3 years were withdrawn from combat fleet and destroyed. The most modern, the best that went to Russia from the USSR. They have no analogues in the world.

Now in service with the Russian air force are only 13 strategic bombers Tu-160 and 63 Tu-95MS. They all Soviet production and long run out technical life. In February 2009 the Ministry of defence for the first time acknowledged that about 200 fighters MiG-29 is not able at the moment, not only to solve the military problem, but simply to rise into the air. This is almost 1/3 of all fighter park in the country. The former commander of the Russian air force (1998-2002 gg) General of the army Anatoly Kornukov said:
I have always considered the MiG-29 is a great plane, but those that still serve in our air force should be culled and discarded, as well as all of the Su-27, or put in an expensive overhaul.
Real replacement for them General does not see: the entire fighter fleet of the country is outdated. Wear aeronautical engineering is about 60%. Obsolete reconnaissance equipment and electronic warfare means. Largely because of these problems, and also due to inadequate planning of the operation of the RF armed forces in the Caucasus in Aug 2008, was lost (officially) 7 combat vehicles. For all the war in Afghanistan and in 2 wars in Chechnya were not lost a single bomber. Since 1994, stopped the flow of new technology in army air defense stopped and until 2007 was not renewed. AA long is the focal character, providing cover only some of the most important objects. It gape holes, the largest of which between Khabarovsk and Irkutsk (about 3,400 km). Russia is open from the Arctic ocean. Not even all missile division of the strategic missile forces covered ground air defense system. Not protected from air strikes such centers in the Russian defence industry, Perm, Izhevsk, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Tula, Ulyanovsk. As for the “new” Russian air defense systems s-400, while there are only 2 divisions. The military-industrial complex was subjected to severe fragmentation and privatization, artificial bankruptcy and sale for a pittance, including foreign firms.

The loss of technologies in the defense industry of the Russian Federation took a dramatic character. During 1999-2004 were lost 1,500 to 2,000 technologies every year. Went last qualified personnel, destroyed unique key production. Now began a new process: following the loss of technology perish scientific school, and this is worst of all, for the recovery of scientific schools requires 40-50 years. Therefore, the Ministry of defence seriously intends to import weapons. As has already occurred with the purchase of the French helicopter carrier Mistral. Today it is necessary to use imported electronics and weapons. We brought far not the full list of acts V Putin, but they suggest that he consciously, using his powers, brought the country’s Armed forces to tangible collapse, which is not able to defend Russia from large-scale aggression. The prosecution rejects claims about the absence of the Russian state funds for the maintenance of the army and Navy. For nearly 20 years in Russia pours golden petrodollars like rain. The government has formed a huge funds (stabilization, development, and so on) abroad, not releasing any money on defense and security. In the result of deliberate underfunding of the army and Navy found itself in a deep crisis, which unfolded against the background of the constantly increasing number of military conflicts in the world and NATO military bases along Russia’s borders.

We accuse V Putin that as a result of his irresponsible attitude to the needs of the armed forces of social protection of servicemen and military retirees turned out to be worse than social security for civil servants. The share of military families with income per family member is less than the subsistence minimum, 1.6 times higher than in Russia as a whole. In the mid-90s of the last century V Putin grossly violated the legislation on pension provision of military pensioners, cynically denying increase of pensions in connection with the rising cost of food rations to troops. In direct violation of the law of the Supreme commander of the military pensioners were robbed of more than 100 billion rubles. This crime is not only financial in nature, it is primarily caused moral damage effect on the credibility and significance of military service. Pensioners through the presentation of the claim in the courts tried to assert their rights and not always successfully. Tens of thousands of officers, military pensioners of the Russian armed forces still do not have reliable housing. However, instead of addressing these difficult issues Century. Putin insisted on holding in Russia at the 2014 winter Olympic games. On their preparation and will be spent over $50b, which would be plenty enough to solve the housing problems of military personnel and military retirees. Putin’s decision is clearly a populist character, dictated by the desire to leave their mark in history, although the possibility of holding the Olympics in Sochi is already questioned. This again confirms the General line of destructive behavior of V Putin in relation to the armed forces.

The prosecution believes it is right to qualify orders of V Putin, associated with the liquidation of military bases in Vietnam (Cam Ranh), Cuba (Lourdes), the destruction of several divisions missiles on rail-based (RT-23), as well as the destruction of the Russian space station Mir, as hostile activity, perfect to the detriment of the external security of the Russian Federation (article 275 of the criminal code). A number of other acts also fall under the criminal code. However, after qualifying action associated with the destruction of the Russian military bases abroad, the Mir station, several divisions of the strategic nuclear forces, missiles RT-23, the prosecution does not see the need for criminal legal assessment. It is clear that the activities of V Putin in the field of defense and security of the country is destructive and dangerous for the future of Russia. Due to this, the prosecution considers it necessary to make a statement about the impossibility of finding a Century of Putin in the public service. So let there be justice and truth will prevail and justice.

The sentence

The military Tribunal, Russian officers meeting, Moscow, Feb 10 2011

Considered in closed court hearing the material allegations of illegal and destructive activities of V Putin, the military Tribunal:
  1. resolves to recognize the activities of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, former President of the Russian Federation, the former Supreme commander of the Armed Forces, now Chairman of the Russian Government in the field of national defense as incompatible with national interests, as having consciously hostile nature and cause irreparable damage to the external security of the Russian Federation.
  2. Considers it impossible for V V Putin to stay in the public service, and his activities are subject to a thorough investigation of the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation and further judicial evaluation.
  3. Resolves to bring the decision of the Tribunal to bring to the attention of the incumbent President of the Russian Federation, military personnel of the army and Navy, all citizens of the Russian Federation.

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