25 noiembrie 2017

The background action is out of synch(ronisation) with the limousine

Adică ăia din fundal se uită la altceva decât la subiectul pentru care veniseră acolo (şi care este urmat de cameră). Adică, filmul lui Zapruder* a fost "prelucrat", şi poate chiar Zapruder fusese pus acolo cu un scop (by the way, cică s-ar fi eliminat câteva fotograme din film, "critice"). Văzusem deja anomalia (inclusiv proporţiile celor din fundal) dar numai la nivel subliminal, acum e doar confirmarea. Gotcha.
* (mai) există, undeva, originalul developat?

Once this fact is accepted, an enormous house of cards begins to fall

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Riddick spunea...

the Zapruder film is an altered composite

An analysis of the JFK assassination footage known as the Zapruder film

The film is a composite. Take the figures of people and freeze and rotate them and they do not match up to the video taken from the reverse angle - which only shows the car speeding away. The fake film also contradicts corroborating eyewitness testimony, the grass looks like astro-turf, the plaza was not blocked off and there were actually 3 times as many people there watching than shown in the "film" and the people further away are actually larger than people closer to the supposed camera, i.e. a "composite".

A few quick points;
- There were shots, diversionary shots and blanks being fired from everywhere, including the knoll. That is probably why some people cling to the idea that some sort of "kill" shot was fired from there.
- I think the driver "appears" to have a gun or even fire a shot because there was a "jump cut" at that moment, but it's just an illusion created by the film composite. You can see from the other films that he "ducks" but doesn't really turn around. I can't say for sure what his involvement was but I am certain he slammed on the brakes.
- Between 8 and 10 people in Dealey plaza testified that they saw Kennedy's FOOT sticking out of the limo over the door: which means whatever delivered the head-shots drove him sideways across the back seat possibly to the limo floor. (those witnesses were bead by '67)

Jackie was DEFINITELY trying to get out of the car. I think it looks like she's reaching for something because she has something in her hand already. What exactly is anyone's guess (It's not a piece of his brain. Jackie Bouvier would not grab and hold brains under those circumstances).
*Pay attention to the grill on the limo. It changes shape after emerging from behind the highway sign.*
1) the limo has a different grill when it emerges from the fake road sign. 2) the road sign IS fake; and the perspective is all wrong. 3) the cops on motorcycles are twice as big as the motorcycles. 4) the crowd number more than doubles in size on the corner of dealey (houston) and elm in less than 2.4 seconds. 5) the distance to the people on the lawn is disproportionate to the people in the car, (ie objects farther away were actually larger in the film.) 6) the film as manufactured, that's the point. 7) Who owns time life? (they had the best opportunity and equipment to fake video at that time)
8) There are no witnesses to Zapruder even filming the event (including photo and video) He is just a cog in the wheel of the official story which is bogus. 9) the supposed photo evidence of zapruder filming shows three different men standing in 3 different places. 10) the photos and the video are entirely different and out of sync. Most of the photos from the reverse angle show a predominantly afro-american female crowd on the sidewalk, this "film" does not. 11) Sorry agent man. Unless you happen to be OJ Simpson, you're not catching a moving car, unless it stops. Which it did.



Riddick spunea...

The Great Zapruder Film Hoax


Patru trăgători, posibil unul de la nivelul solului, dintr-o gură de canalizare (pe unde s-a şi retras):

Was JFK shot from the sewer drains beneath Dealey Plaza?






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