03 martie 2015

thoughts on the mechanics of the assassination


Murder Nemtsov politically advantageous Khodorkovsky and Kasyanov
Patriot Rus, Feb 28 2015

Killer at close range (about 3 meters) made six shots from a Makarov pistol. Twice he missed. Four bullets hit Nemtsov in the back. From wounds politician died on the spot. Presumably, the killer fled the scene on a white sedan Ford without license plates. The machine, like the criminals, still not found, despite the fact that Moscow was declared the plan “Interception”. On the video at the time of the crime committed snowblower. The result fulfills a wide range of versions of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. For a small time elapsed from the time of the crime and the criminal case, the investigation group of the UK has been able to question witnesses and eyewitnesses. From the publication of the official representative of the RF IC Vladimir Markin:
By the way, can already say that in addition to companion of Boris Nemtsov, who was right with him on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge (talking about Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya), there are other witnesses to this crime, which also provide the necessary evidence. Specialists are working on the details of all telephone connections immediately before and at the time of the crime in relation to the place of its commission. Investigators are studying the CCTV footage around the route of Boris Nemtsov. Criminologists have found that shooting of Boris Nemtsov was conducted, presumably, a Makarov pistol. When the examination of the scene was seized 6 cartridges 9 mm caliber. It is also noticeable that the store was formed from shells of different manufacturer. It can be argued that the crime was carefully planned. According to the investigation, Boris Nemtsov was headed with a companion to his apartment, which is close to the scene. And it is obvious that the organizers and perpetrators of this crime were aware of the proposed route.
Lawyer Yevgeny Chernousov, who for more than 20 years he worked in the criminal investigation, says:
It seems to me that either the killer had tapped Nemtsov’s phone and knew about his plans, or, more likely, the girl can be an accomplice. Maybe she suggested a walk across the bridge. Because professional killers usually do not leave witnesses. And she was not touched… By the way, why they were shooting at such a place, so near the Kremlin, which is full of cameras, where even at night there are people? After all, it was possible to find a more secluded place. Rather, it was a must: the murder was a political, not a criminal act. In the preparation of the murders must have been involved a minimum of 10 people. On the bridge was probably not one car, but at least three. This is the law for such events, so that you can change cars under surveillance. Each car contains two people. In addition, there should be a “tail”. In this case, it could be disguised as a courting couple. The killer watched Nemtsov for a few days. At least a week, possibly two or three. It is possible for communication used by mobile phones, SIM cards-lived purchased a fake faces. They wouold have used these then thrown them away. But they could use a walkie-talkie. But not an ordinary tourist, but special, where the signal is suppressed and coded. There’s all monitored by the FSO, who are listening constantly.
Nemtsov on the night of the murder was accompanied by Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya. With Ukraine Nemtsov tied very close relations. In 2005 he became adviser to President Viktor Yushchenko after the “першей” orange revolution. In 2014-2015 Nemtsov actively supported Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia. And if Navalny wanted to focus on the economic requirements of the march to power, the power block Khodorkovsky-Kasyanov considered the most important Ukrainian agenda. Ukraine may be the key word here to the solution of this political murder. Nemtsov how to bookmark led to the slaughter, more and more physically bringing together with Ukraine and its sad fate. An active supporter of the Russian capitulation to Pindostan and Ukraine, his death allows the use of Ukrainian map at full capacity, to overshadow all other alternative agendas of protest.


here’s a little backgrounder on nemtsov (in russian, but you will get the general idea)

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Всепогодная камера зафиксировала убийство Бориса Немцова. Эксклюзив ("Camerele de supraveghere au înregistrat asasinarea lui Boris Nemţov. Exclusiv"



Правда о Борисе Немцове. ("Adevărul despre Boris Nemţov")



"Pindostan" (termen rusesc peiorativ) = SUA

"Presumably, the killer fled the scene on a white sedan Ford without license plates." - articolul e scris la scurt timp de la incident; între timp a fost găsită maşina, o Lada albă cu numere de Inguşetia (republică autonomă din Federaţia Rusă, lângă Cecenia)

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Pâi da !

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

- Dacă, la câțiva ani după aderare, va veni un guvern cu largă susținere electorală și va spune "vrem să ieșim din UE", va mai fi posibil acest lucru?
- Nu. N-avem încotro. Avem oare altă soluție pentru România? Ce să facem, să ne apropiem de zonele arabe, să devenim fundamentaliști islamici? Să ne slavizăm sub umbrela lui Putin și a Kremlinului? Ce să facem? Avem alt scenariu? Eu cred că nu. Vad UE ca pe o locomotivă ce se va atașa la trenul numit România, care acum merge prea încet, gâfâind. O locomotivă care va trage România din trecut și o va aduce în contemporaneitate. De aceea, să primim Noul An cu speranță și încredere, cu un oarecare fatalism gen "asta e, nu mai putem schimba nimic", și să scoatem din 2006 tot ce are el mai bun pentru fiecare dintre noi.

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