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14 noiembrie 2014

Václav Klaus: "Europa la 25 de ani de la căderea Cortinei de Fier"

Discurs ţinut la "parlamentul european", unde tehnicienii ueişti au sabotat parţial sunetul înregistrării ("Please excuse video quality - we relied on the Parliament's audiovisual services instead of having it filmed by our Group"). Conferinţă organizată de grupul eurosceptic EFDD.


Dissolve the whole EU, stick to the agreement on the economic area; is the best thing to do (Petr Mach MEP, EFDD Group)

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Europe 25 years after the fall of the iron curtain


Dissolve the whole EU, stick to the agreement on the economic area; is the best thing to do



Riddick spunea...

Klaus in EU Parliament: 25 years after the fall of communism

Some readers may find 100 minutes to listen to a talk by Czech ex-president Václav Klaus in the EU Parliament that he gave yesterday:


The technicians at the Parliament were sabotaging the sound for a while but finally they failed and you may hear a big majority of what was said. Klaus and Farage were 22 minutes late – so others (Petr Mach...) speak at the beginning.

The title was "Europe 25 years after the fall of the iron curtain".

The speaker was invited by a club of the Parliament, EFDD, which includes UKIP and its allies.

Klaus would explain why the communism felt – it had totally discredited itself and there were no real supporters anywhere anymore. He would think that socialism would never return. But he was wrong. Here we have the European socialism.

The ex-president recommends the EU to be dissolved just like communism was stopped.

While I am not hysterically afraid of such a scenario, I am still uncertain whether this is the right way to proceed, whether it would bring greater benefits than costs. What do you think? Richard Sulík of Slovakia has also attended (and spoke!) – and he's even less certain about the dissolution's being a good idea than I am.

Klaus would also mention various ideas, e.g. that we in the communist world knew more about the Western world than vice versa and this asymmetry still persists. I obviously agree but I don't find this asymmetry so shocking or dangerous. It's mainly a consequence of the simple fact that the West is – and (especially) after the Second World War, became – more important than the stagnating troubled East or the socialist world!

He also repeats his favorite answer that "there are almost no true believers here in Czechoslovakia; the number of true believers at your university, UC Berkeley, is higher than in all of Czechoslovakia." ;-)

On the previous day, Klaus would be a witness in a foreign committee of the House of Lords. See the video at the bottom of a previous blog post. They would talk about Ukraine and Russia from a Central European perspective, among related topics.


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Notes for House of Lords Hearing about Ukraine


Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

George Ciamba (MAE), 2014: "Eu cred că e foarte important în ziua de astăzi să ne simțim cetățeni europeni, e foarte important să avem principiul solidarității europene în minte. Eu cred că apartenența la statutul de cetățean european transcende calitatea de cetățean român. Eu nu aș face o clasificare a ordinii în care sunt lucrurile mai importante, eu zic că e de egală importanță să-ți cunoști istoria și în același timp să-ți exprimi încrederea în proiectul european, în proiectul în care de fapt te desfășori acum."

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