Pe măsură ce se apropie "inaugurarea" lui Trump, şobolănimea propagandei RO este tot mai plouată şi îşi ascunde tot mai greu ostilitatea faţă de el. Asta arată ceva foarte important: "centrul lor de comandă" nu este în zona guvernamentală SUA (acum, acolo "se întâmplă ceva").

13 ianuarie 2013

România, şi visul LOR bolnav ("SUE")

Leonard Wells

Profil de potenţial candidat prezidenţial "pe linie"

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Riddick spunea...

ONE CLICK IS ALL IT TAKES… Leonard Wells finds a woman on the Internet

[...] An Eligible Bachelor Finds a Woman

All this time I had been alone – making a complete hash of every attempt to lose my bachelor status. Sachlan Fraval referred to me once as ‘the most eligible bachelor in Subud’, but it did not seem to make much difference.

By 2008 I was getting desperate, to put it mildly. In a way, like that day in the Liverpool Subud House, I called out one night to ask in a ‘Why has thou foresaken me’ moment. Two days later I was looking at a very pretty lady scientist on an International Dating agency website on my PC.

She is Romanian and lives with her immortal 97 vear old aunt in a small flat in Bucharest. I did not appreciate when I clicked my mouse in her direction where it was going to lead me. After some months of emails I arrived at the airport into Bucharest, knees knocking, heart pounding. She told me later that she was so excited that she took tranquillisers before coming to meet me.

I have now made six visits in all to Romania and have travelled extensively. We love each other very deeply and I have come to love Romania – not the land of Gypsy beggars as some might think, but a very religious, friendly people. They are still blinking in the bright light of freedom since Christmas Day 1989 when they executed their hated dictator Ceausescu, lifting the dark shadow of communism which had fallen across their country in 1945.

A Beautiful Country Involved in War

This beautiful country has been invaded by almost every nation in Europe at one time or another, whilst during the Second World War it had the dubious honour of being bombed by the Americans and the Germans! They wanted to make peace in 1944, so Hitler bombed Bucharest and Romania declared war on Germany. This changed history and shortened that great war by six months.

I have a great sense of humour and had got into the habit of telling funny stories in video clips on Youtube. I had several hundred by this time. One day, in a hotel in the far north of Romania in 2010, I made a clip about Romania. Suddenly I had this uplifting feeling that here was a way of ‘talking to audiences’ about politics and have made over 100 clips in similar vein since.

Unity and Strength

It came to me one day that for 2000 years we Europeans have butchered each other by the millions – maybe as many as 100 million have died needlessly. For most Europeans, Hitler was the last straw and they decided to make war within Europe impossible in the future by locking everyone into the dream of a United Europe and so today 27 countries participate in the EU.

God Willing, we may now have 2000 years of peace ahead of us, during which we may rebuild Europe into the greatest power for good on earth. Do not forget that it’s GDP is almost equal to that of the USA and China combined – a staggering statistic!

I am ashamed of the way Britain has pussyfooted and shilly-shallied around the edge of Europe like a delicate damsel on her honeymoon night. It is time to stop insisting that we be allowed to play golf with a different sized ball to everyone else! [...]

Riddick spunea...


To this end I have been making little broadcasts on subjects like the Schengen Treaty and the Euro. Whilst most commentators here have been prophesying gloomily that Europe was disintegrating, I have felt to oppose them with all my strength.

Surrender only to God

The little Englanders are actually succeeding in keeping us just that – little! This morning I awoke with the words ‘United States of Europe’ on my lips and knew at once what I have to do. I shall start by building a website to attract all those with a similar dream.

I don’t know if it is significant but whilst typing this article the postman delivered a letter to me from 10 Downing Street – responding no doubt, to one of many complaints about our pathetic insularity! So, at the age of 70 I am at last coming to grips with my talent. Never give up or give in.

Never surrender, save to Almighty God ! Tally Ho!

Crystal Clear spunea...

E adevărat ?
“We must build a kind of United States of Europe. in this way only will hundreds of millions of toilers be able to regain the simple joys and hopes which make life worth living. All that is needed is the resolve of hundreds of millions of men and women to do right instead of wrong, and gain as their reward, blessing instead of cursing”. Mr Winston Churchill speaking in Zurich I9th September 1946.

Crystal Clear spunea...

Leonard passed away early in January 2012.

Riddick spunea...

Aşa a zis Churchill, dar se gândea la partea non-comunistă din Europa, şi nu la o integrare politică, ci (cred...) la o cooperare strânsă.

Mă mai documentez despre ce a vrut să zică atunci cu adevărat.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Teodor Baconschi, 2011: "România nu a ajuns târziu și din întâmplare în construcția Europei unite, ci a participat încă de la început, prin voci precum Gafencu și Ciorănescu, la gândirea acestui proiect.Totodată, îmi permit să evoc în acest ilustru sediu ideea federalismului european, concept creștin-democrat căzut în desuetudine. Consider că a reînvia astăzi ideea Statelor Unite ale Europei nu este lipsit de importanță, ba chiar de o anumită urgență. Asistăm cu toții nu doar la o criză de creștere sau la o reticenţă a lărgirii Uniunii (enlargement fatigue), ci la o adevărată criză a spiritului european. Criza actuală nu e pur economică sau financiară, ci e o criză a valorilor fondatoare, a viziunii și a identității europene. Mai mult ca oricând, trebuie să evităm riscul revenirii, pe fondul crizei, a discursurilor naționaliste, xenofobe, rasiste. Tentația închiderii în sine e mare. O Europă care se îndoiește de beneficiile euro sau ale spațiului Schengen este deja o Europă în devoluție. Tocmai fiindcă știm că alternativa la partidele populare riscă să fie partidele populiste, dorim să creăm în România o Mișcare Populară cu vocație majoritară, asemănătoare cu UMP în Franța sau PDL în Italia. Europa are nevoie să mențină în guvernele naționale partide populare capabile să răspundă întreitului imperativ al momentului: să reformeze în spiritul responsabilității, să se opună populismului crescând al stângii și al extremei drepte, și să continue construcția europeană. În fine, criza Europei nu are ca soluţie resurgența discursului naționalist și redescoperirea frontierelor, ci determinarea creștin-democraților, a tuturor guvernelor și partidelor afiliate PPE, de a continua până la capăt proiectul Statelor Unite ale Europei, oricât de extrem ar părea acest lucru."

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