31 august 2021

Incident critic: după răsturnarea unui camion plin cu "vaccinuri", zona a fost închisă şi a intervenit o echipă militară de decontaminare ("hazmat")

Could it be the US Department of Defense responded because in actuality these so-called "vaccines" are actually biological weapons?

  • hazmat = hazardous materials (materiale/substanţe periculoase) 
  • DoD = Department of Defense 

Hal Turner Radio Show: 

Cargo Truck Rollover Begets VERY STRANGE Response - DoD . . .

(ciudat: pare că peste dedesubtul şasiului semiremorcii s-a aplicat un strat de protecţie "izotermă" protejat/dublat cu tablă cutată - o fi măsură standard la "TIR"-urile frigorifice, ori aici este "ceva mai mult"?)

A tractor trailer crash on Interstate 79 in West Virginia last Friday begot the typical response: Police, Fire, EMS. Then Haz-Mat. Then things got weird as no less than the US DoD Responded. The highway remained CLOSED for 21 hours even though the truck wasn't blocking it.

Then things got even more strange.

Once the DoD took over, they erected tents, cordoned off the area to any spectators, and even prevented any aerial DRONES from taking video of what was going on at the scene.

It turns out the tractor trailer was carrying Moderna COVID vaccines.  

Questions to the local Sheriff's department about the accident went tersely unanswered, with media being told to "Call the Governor's Office."

Questions to the Governor's Office resulted in being told "We don't know anything about it."

So why then did the US Dept. of Defense respond to a truck accident, takeover the scene, block everyone from seeing anything and prevent aerial drones from even watching what was taking place?

Our public servants aren't answering us . . . again . . .


Hal Turner REMARK.

This truck accident happened on Interstate 79 at mile marker 144 on Friday, 27 August 2021 in Monongalia County, West Virginia, not too far from Morgantown.

The County Sheriff's Department issued a statement:

    “A tractor trailer, carrying Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be sent as aid to a foreign country, lost control on the interstate, struck a concrete barrier and went down over the embankment approximately 30 feet and rolled on its side,” Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The driver was trapped inside of the vehicle and had to be extricated. He was transported and treated for minor injuries at Ruby Memorial Hospital.”
The statement went on to say that a hazmat team was brought in to clear “oil and anti-freeze” for 21 hours.
    “The West Virginia Center for Preparedness helped recover the vaccine, but it is unknown how much was saved,” WV Metro News reported.
Trucks have accidents on Interstate highways all the time.  It's no secret.  Why all the bru-ha-ha?  Why all the secrecy?

Could it be the US Department of Defense responded because in actuality these so-called "vaccines" are actually biological weapons?

Think about that for a moment.

That would be the only rational explanation for DoD involvement. It would also explain all the secrecy.

What would the implications be of COVID vaccines getting loose in the wild?

What might they do to plants or wildlife? What might they do in water?

What if the whole DoD effort was to look for and recover absolutely EVERY vial? Why would that be such a big deal, it's only a vaccine, right?

Or was this big effort put forth to make sure no one got their hands on one of these vaccine vials and put its contents into a Mass Spectrometer to analyze precisely what's in it?

A Mass Spectrometer could do that.  

What if another motivation was to prevent anyone from grabbing this vaccine and growing the mRNA in cells (like a virus) at a lab to find out PRECISELY what they do?

Clearly, someone very powerful does NOT want such things done.

What are they hiding?

Clearly something _is_ being hidden from the public. Maybe it's time to grab some of these vaccines and find out.

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Riddick spunea...

"Millenium - The time is now"


[Davis residence – night. A hazardous materials team (haz-mat team), dressed in yellow biohazard suits burst into the suburban household. Each haz-mat member wears a gas mask, and most carry red canisters/bags. Many are carrying flashlights. Their leader is Dr. Sorenson. The team fan out around the house. We see the Davis' half-eaten Mother's Day meal still laid out on the table. Some men squirt a liquid over blood stains on the wall, dissolving them. Others are collecting items in red plastic bags. Another team member carries a meter around, sweeping the area. The device emits bleeps. The readout displays a long line of digital numbers, rising rapidly. A bird cage hangs nearby, a haz-mat member shines his flashlight inside to find a dead budgie on the cage floor. The bleeping on the meter becomes more urgent, quicker. The team member stops in front of a window, staring ahead.]

TEAM MEMBER: Dr. Sorenson, we're in a hot zone.

SORENSON: We can't determine that until we collect all the evidence. And corroborate it with the CDC at Fort Dietrich. [Detrich, de fapt]

[Sorenson has joined his associate at the window. Both staring.]

TEAM MEMBER: We don't have to wait, sir. It's here. We knew it was coming. That it would spread faster than we could ever control it, and now it's here. The time is now.

[Now we see what they're looking at: on the outside lawn lies a collection of dead birds.]
[fade out]

[main titles]

[fade in]


Riddick spunea...

DetricK, "şi mai de fapt"

Riddick spunea...

"CDC" = Center for Disease Control

Riddick spunea...

"Am găsit clipul"



Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Liga Pro Europa, 2005:
Regiunile să fie recunoscute constituţional ca entităţi teritoriale şi politico-administrative, dispunînd de competenţe conferite prin transferul acestora de la nivel statal la nivel regional în domenii ca: sănătatea, educaţia, administraţia locală, asistenţa socială, construirea de locuinţe, dezvoltarea economică, transporturile, politicile de mediu, agricultură, sport, artă, cultură, cercetare, etc. Regiunile ar urma să dispună de legislative şi executive regionale. Primele alegeri regionale ar urma să aibă loc în 2008. Fondul de solidaritate regională, administrat în mod transparent şi la care regiunile ar contribui în mod diferenţiat, după puterea lor economică, ar avea menirea să atenueze disparităţile regionale.
Parlamentul. Parlamentul României ar urma să îşi păstreze caracterul bicameral, cu competenţe distincte şi clare pentru fiecare cameră, inclusiv mecanisme de alegere diferite.
Senatul – Camera Superioară – i-ar include pe reprezentanţii regiunilor, ai minorităţilor naţionale, ai cultelor, ai românilor din afara graniţelor. Foştii şefi de stat ar putea fi senatori de drept.
Camera Deputaţilor – Camera Inferioară, ar urma să includă exclusiv parlamentari reprezentînd partide politice (nu şi reprezentanţi ai minorităţilor, în afara cazului cînd acestea îşi constituie partide şi ating pragul electoral). Sistemul de vot pentru Camera Deputaţilor ar urma să combine circumscripţiile uninominale şi sistemul de vot pe liste.
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