09 iulie 2016

Începe "ceva" la americani (?)

Comentarii privind incidentul terorist din Dallas, Texas.

Ca şi la Europuciul de la Kiev, trăgătorii nu sunt "atribuiţi" de mass-media în mod corect. Acolo se spunea că "sunt de-ai lui Ianukovici" (de-ai guvernului legitim) când de fapt erau oamenii puciştilor (nici acum nu-mi dau seama de ce Ianukovici n-a declarat stare de urgenţă şi n-a lichidat Europuciul încă din faza incipientă). Acum se va spune că e vorba despre "nişte nebuni" şi se va minimaliza faptul că teroriştii sunt negri care au declarat că vor să omoare albi (iată, cade clişeul "albul rasist, extremist, obsedat de arme de foc"). Sau, dimpotrivă: poate se vrea declanşarea unui război rasial, care să ducă  la "necesitatea" instaurării legii marţiale (= a dictaturii).

In February 2014 paramilitary snipers (later identified as Gladio operatives) opened fire on protestors and police forces in Ukraine, escalating the crisis and putting the final nail in the coffin of Yanukovych's rule. In March 2011 the "spontaneous democratic protest" in Daraa led to carnage as trained snipers killed seven policemen, escalating the crisis and launching the five-year long devestation of Syria. In July 2016 unidentified snipers opened fire at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas, potentially sparking America's next civil war. Do you see a pattern? - link

I am so ashamed to be a law enforcement officer at this point. The Hunger Games State will be far worse than the police state we live in now. All we need now is a EMP.

Ladies and gentlemen we are at the tipping point. We have to choose, to run into the iceberg or change our course. We are in big trouble now. President Harry Truman once declared war on an enemy that threatened our vary way of life, and we went onto foreign lands, not to conquer but to kick ass, and we did. We must once again follow history and do the same again, we must go to war with yet another axis of evil. Only, this time the threat is our corrupt government and not a foreign enemy. The enemy is a lingering communist, socialist, fascist, leftist extremism that needs to be castrated in front of all, for all eyes to see.  - link

The Dallas Tragedy Is the Distraction That Clinton Needed

Obama said nothing is known about who is responsible for the Dallas event. On the contrary, this event is right in the wheelhouse of the former Nazi collaborator, George Soros and his multiple groups of thugs, criminals and murders. If I were in charge of the Dallas investigation, Soros and his people would become my main focus. Why? Because national division is a goal of the globalists so we cannot unite across religious, ethnic and racial lines against the crime syndicate that has hijacked our country. Remember, most nations fall from within before they are actually conquered. Obama has fully exposed part of the Globalist agenda with his comments.

Please allow me to point out the obvious. The Dallas event is not a random act of violence. It has all the appearances of a well-planned assassination. Since when do inflamed passions over police wrongdoing result in at least two snipers carrying out their objective with precision and deadly effectiveness? Did the nation see these type of sniper assassinations during the Watts riots of the 60’s? No! Did we witness this kind of violence during the LA Riots in 1992? No! Did we see snipers in the two rounds of the Ferguson violence? No! Will the mainstream media eventually catch on and report the use of snipers as being an anomaly that is inconsistent with the present narrative? No!

These assassins were obviously highly trained, as they did not merely squeeze off that many well-placed shots wounding and killing that many people without being professionally trained. However, as we learn more about the snipers, I am sure we will “discover” one will have a diary stating intentions and will leave a trail of (planted) evidence implicating this event as a random act of violence. That is always the government’s narrative. However, I would point out that when two or more are involved, it is already a conspiracy by definition. This was a well-coordinated attack, case closed.  - link

Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Mobilizing for "Race War" To Start This Weekend!

A nationwide alert has been issued by the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations for all their local Chapters and affiliated groups, to "Commence Race Warfare beginning this weekend."

The call-to-arms comes after 25 year old Michah X. Johnson, a radical from the Dallas area, attacked Dallas Police officers, shooting eleven cops and killing five cops last night. He told police he did it because "he hates white people." He also allegedly told Dallas Police he"wants to kill White people, especially white police officers."

The alerts issued by the Klan and by Aryan Nations made clear they are to commence attacks nationwide THIS WEEKEND, and to "attack and kill urban street blacks - but be mindful not to harm decent, innocent, civilized blacks." It was signed by the Imperial Wizard, Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and distributed to a vast mailing list via ENCRYPTED email from a location near Dawson Springs, KY. - link


Dear Steve - PLEASE! DALLAS SLAUGHTER! I have been up all night in prayer and tears. Being about 3 hours from where the mass slaughter took place in Dallas, I thought I should share with you what I was given by the Holy Spirit.. First let me say, I have never engaged in or commented at all on any of these protest across the country. But something was different about this latest shooting. The Holy Spirit led me to the horrible video of the young man getting gunned down in Minnesota by a police officer. The horrid details were all there ( for all to see) posted by his girlfriend from her cell phone onto face book. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said this is serious and will lead to many more deaths. So I shared my message with a close sister in Christ and she had been given almost the same feeling. At that point we both did some research. This is the first thing the Holy Spirit led her to. And I am sharing it with you because America needs to read it and wake up to the deception of the snakes in our government. If you feel led please share it on your email Urgent reports.
ANSWER TO ALL THE SENSELESS SHOOTINGS? Obama administration's goal is to further nationalize and federalize local law enforcement. - link

Attacks on Police Part of a National Plan?

One tweet is from Ben Baller, Kanye West’s personal jeweler, who has almost a half-million Twitter users reading his calls for violence upon the police. Among his tweets is, “I want to kill 100 cops every time I hear ‘stop resisting.’ RIP," followed by the hashtag “Alton Sterling.” Sterling is one of the black men killed in an altercation with police.

Baller also praised Christopher Dorner, calling him “a legend.” Dorner was fired from the Los Angeles police force in 2013, then published an 11-page “manifesto” in which he called for the “unconventional and asysmmetric warfare” upon LAPD. Baller’s profanity-laced Tweet said Dorner “tried to [do] something about” the police. Dorner shot police officers and civilians (including family members of officers) before he died in a later shoot-out with police at a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Another Tweet that Twitter had not removed as I wrote this article, written by “My Precious,”depicted a masked man slitting the throat of a police officer, with the caption, “SOON THE TALES WILL TURN.”

Other Tweets also called for the murder of police officers, including such vicious inciting to violence as, “Take the pigs to the slaughter house,” and “kill em all.”

Twitter does remove some “insulting” Tweets, but incredibly, had not removed incitement to murder against police officers before the Dallas shootings. - link

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Dallas Ambush Follows Pattern of Provocateured False Flags



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Probabil ca incepe ceva, dar nu mi-e deloc clar ce...

Dar si in Germania o sa se intimple niste chestii urite de tot foarte curind:

Si un articol la care era sa ma sufoc de ris (bine ca nu sintem ugandezi):

=== TORLAND ===

Riddick spunea...

Auzisem de Deutsche Bank, si am îndoieli că va mai fi ce-a fost.

La articolul cu Uganda - vorbeşte despre vizita lui Netanyahu. Fratele lui (mai mare) a făcut parte dintr-un comando israelian care a eliberat ostatici (majoritatea israelieni) în Uganda ("Incidentul Entebbe"), fiind singurul care nu a supravieţuit.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Traian Băsescu, 2011: "Am făcut o trecere în revistă legată de problemele Uniunii Europene şi eu am susţinut nevoia unei mult mai puternice integrări şi nu mă jenez să reiau teza nevoii de a crea Statele Unite ale Europei. Mai mult, am subliniat faptul că nu avem timp de tergiversări şi calendarul unor decizii importante trebuie să fie foarte strâns".

Traian Băsescu, 2011: "Clasa politică este incorectă în Europa de la căderea comunismului, de 20 de ani. Oamenii politici europeni nu au ştiut când să se oprească şi şi-au îndatorat statele pentru a creşte pensiile, salariile, programele sociale. Soluţia în momentul de faţă în Europa este o integrare - Statele Unite ale Europei. Nu poţi să faci politică fiscală când politicile fiecărui stat sunt diferite".

Traian Băsescu, 2011: "Din păcate, întârzierea nu va folosi nimănui. Nu putem lăsa această misiune următoarei generaţii de politicieni. Trebuie să avem curaj s-o facem acum şi să începem să vorbim despre Statele Unite ale Europei. Dar nu numai să vorbim. Trebuie să le proiectăm şi să avem forţa politică, fiecare la noi acasă, să convingem cetăţenii că aceasta este soluţia".

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