24 mai 2016

August 2016: WW3 (?)

Cam asta ar fi în cărţi, cică. Dar, vorb-aia: "Qui vivra, verra". Pâi, nu ?!


NATO Plan For “August War” Against Russia Warned Will Go Nuclear “In Minutes”

A truly grim Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that NATO’s plan for an “August War” against the Federation will go nuclear “in minutes” as the Obama regime continues its biggest atomic bomb buildup since the Cold War and Russia is now faced with more hostile military troops on its borders than at any time since 1941, and that occurred just prior to Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union. [Note: Some words appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, some of the first information released about the Obama regime's plans for launching a first-strike nuclear attack against Russia came from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former United States Assistant Secretary, who in 2014 warned: “Washington not only has war plans for launching a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia, and also possibly China, but Washington has a cadre of people who advocate nuclear war. We have people running around Washington saying things such as what's the good of nuclear weapons if you can't use them.”

Dr. Roberts further warned, this report continues, that the Obama regime actually believes that it can win a nuclear war against Russia with little or no damage to the US—, an insane belief that stands opposed to Russian security officials warning that one military response against Obama would be to use nuclear-armed drone submarines that would be detonated in US coastal waters causing a radioactive tsunami to flood and contaminate nearly all of America’s seaside cities.

The final charade being played out by the Obama regime led and controlled NATO prior to war starting, this report notes, was its calling earlier today for an “urgent” meeting with Russia in order to “imitate” a dialogue with Moscow in its bid to justify their further military buildup along Russia’'s borders— and which was forcefully responded to by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who stated:

And where reality has been turned into outright fantasy in regards to the true “nation-of-war” on this planet, this report continues, between 2001 and today, President Putin has ordered military actions only 3 times to protect the citizens of South Ossetia, Ukraine and Syria from US sponsored armies attacking them, and then withdrew all Russian troops— while during this same time, President’s Bush and Obama combined American-NATO forces have bombed, invaded and destroyed at least 11 nations.

Most interesting, perhaps, to note in this MoD report is its stating that US Army Lieutenant General Herbert McMaster has been attempting to warn the Obama regime of its folly in believing it could win a war with Russia, and who at recent Pentagon meeting warned that should America forces find themselves in a land war with Russia they would be in for a rude, cold awakening.

With massive bomb shelters still being built throughout the Federation, this report concludes, the likelihood of President Obama ordering Russia to be attacked by a nuclear first strike is “nearly assured” due to the facts of if his party loses to Donald Trump, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and too many other American elites to count, will be prosecuted for treason once the full and horrific scale of their crimes against the United States are uncovered for all to see —but which in a nuclear devastated America will never be known about. 

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Anonim spunea...

Pentru ca nu pot citi aceasta informatie tentanta, din motive de limba, propun sa te uiti putin pe ''articolul'' acesta, inclusiv pe comentarii !!!


Riddick spunea...

Mi se pare utopie. Sub masca "eficientizării" se strecoară regionalizarea, ba chiar federalizarea. Acelaşi tip de argumentaţie ca şi la europeiştii/globaliştii de la guvernare.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Sorin Roşca-Stănescu, 2010: "Din păcate, niciuna dintre administraţiile de la Bucureşti nu a dezvoltat şi nu şi-a consolidat relaţiile cu China. Chiar şi în cadrul Parteneriatului Euro-Atlantic, de multe ori noi i-am dezamăgit pe europeni, în favoarea Statelor Unite. Începând din 2011, şansa Bucureştiului este de a merge loial, împreună cu partenerii europeni, cât mai aproape de China."

Sorin Roșca-Stănescu, 2012: "Ca atare, printr-o viitoare uniune noi trebuie să câștigăm ceea ce am pierdut. Ceea ce am dat sau ceea ce ni s-a luat. Noi trebuie să primim asigurări că vom intra în randul statelor europene cu o economie și cu un nivel de trai performante. A doua realitate derivă din analiza intențiilor polilor de putere UE. Și, în primul rand, a intențiilor Germaniei. Dacă Germania vrea consolidare și integrare prin austeritate, atunci ea se va prăbuși în sine și va prăbuși UE. Dacă, dimpotrivă, Berlinul vrea dezvoltare și investiții, atunci da, avem ce căuta în federație."

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