20 ianuarie 2015

Strelkov, posibil viitor preşedinte al Rusiei


as you recall, i have a strange theory that the FSB has a long-range plan to catapult strelkov all the way to the presidency

… If Igor will return, under his wing to make-not a thousand, not even two army soldiers. Immediately you will say that all these Zaharchenko, Plotnitsky, and izhi with them there and then will leave on the second plan. Because people are just hungry for a really really strong and honest leader capable people to lead, nor Zakharchenko not Plotnitsky such do not apply. If Igor will return, guarding him will be such that Batman didn’t even dream about. So Batmanesque option, with a shallow attempt already here will not work anymore. I think that the return of Igor Ivanovich simply necessary. Then just militias will come to Kiev, and even further. Because Igor is the rod and the flag, which is able to lead people. And people will follow !!! It has already been tested !!! I even think he has this mission to lead people. His return just fundamentally will remember the whole situation , many civil people who have already turned away from Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, it will help to rally. I think if the new Russia will perish, and Igor all this time will stay in Moscow, he himself will not forgive until the end of his days. The life of the person and given to spend her bright, not sit and burn it in the privacy of the office. Now when it was the days of hostilities but must understand that his military experience, now you are more important than in the quiet of the Moscow offices, and on the battlefield. I just was on the phone with a friend a reserve officer who was burned in the house of trade Unions, and then he was arrested SBU, and only 26 December, exchanged for prisoners of Ucraw. He now heads one of the artillery units in DND. Now he says in shock from what he has to teach civilian, who never even in the military did not serve. It’s actually not experienced cannon fodder, but with these people he needs to win. If I was allowed health. I, too, was already there. Unfortunately comisiwn with army for health reasons.

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Riddick spunea...

"Igor" = Igor Gârkin ("Strelkov").

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Vlad Nistor, 2023 (cerând introducerea "anulării legale" a dreptului de veto al statelor-membre UE neconforme cu "linia"): "Consider că pentru a ajunge la maturitate ca actor geopolitic autentic, Uniunea Europeană trebuie să-și extindă instrumentarul de politică externă și să consolideze structura sa instituțională pe direcția relațiilor externe. Votul în unanimitate, de exemplu, limitează în mod clar capacitatea UE de reacție rapidă."


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