02 octombrie 2012

Liderul ALDE despre manifestul său eurofederalist: "Este un eveniment fondator la fel de important precum faimoasele scrieri ale lui Marx și Engels"

Guy Verhofstadt, liderul grupului europarlamentar ALDE (din care face parte PnL), împreună cu liderul grupului ecologist (= eurocomunist) Daniel Cohn-Bendit, au lansat o carte-manifest pentru o "Europă federală".

O afirmație de anul trecut a lui Verhofstadt: "Identitatea naţională este un concept criminal care poate duce în cele din urmă către camerele de gazare" ("de nationale identiteit is een crimineel concept dat ultiem kan leiden tot gaskamers").


ALDE leader calls for 'fresh European élan'

ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt has called for a "fresh European élan" to help breathe new life into the EU.
He said a "European federal Union" must be created to tackle the long-term
problems facing the EU.

The former Belgian premier was speaking at the launch of a new book he has co-authored with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the co leader of the Group of the Greens-European Free Alliance in parliament.

In the book, the MEPs, two of the most respected in parliament, set out a manifesto that they say aims to trigger a "post-national revolution in Europe".

They describe it as a founding event "as important as the famous treatise by Marx and Engels".

The 158-page book comes in the wake of a call recently for a more "federal" Europe by commission president José Manuel Barroso.

A key proposal in the book states that "after the European elections in 2014 parliament will declare itself a constituent assembly, in agreement with the Council of Ministers and draft a European constitution that will not be an overhaul of the current treaties, as was the case in 2004".

Speaking at the event in Brussels on Monday, Verhofstadt backed up his ideas by saying, "Sovereignty can best be guaranteed at the European level.

"The nation states can no longer ensure it by themselves in the face of globalisation.

"We need to develop a fresh European élan. It is no longer enough to justify Europe as a peace project after World War II."

"This book should be seen as a wake-up call for all pro-Europeans."

His comments are largely echoed by Cohn-Bendit, who said the text, to be drafted by parliament, "must define the principles of a federal Europe and be brief".

Stating that the draft must be approved in all states by referendum, by a double majority, if achieved, states who voted against the draft, will get a second referendum, to remain inside, or leave the new federal union.

Copies of the book were also launched in six EU capitals.

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