08 august 2018

Cenzura Sistemului Globalist este pe faţă, soluţia este migrarea pe platforme alternative, pe internet alternativ, ori în ţări... alternative

Cât vor mai exista, de-or exista. Simultan, conturile lui Alex Jones pe Facebook, SpotifyYouTube, Twitter, PinterestApple (şi altele) au fost blocate. Deci clar, concertare ("gănguire"/ganging) şi mesaj de ameninţare: "We're coming after you (, the others)!" Se pare că este doar începutul atacului împotriva mediei alternative şi conservatoare, posibil câtă vreme ele se află pe platforme (I.T.) controlate de globalişti.

The Future Dealing With Freely Distributed Information From Organizations And Individuals Claiming To Be Independent Journalists Is Coming To An Abrupt Close. Our Future Is Volatile. Infowars Will Have A Very Tough Time, Proliferating Information, Like They Once Did On Their Many Social Media Platforms.

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Volatile Information Future



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Search engines are now all loading something HUGE onto your machine.

Just loading the duck duck go page eats 5 megs. Google eats the same. Bing is eating 11 megs. The pages are dirt simple. They should in the case of Google and Duck Duck eat about 20 K. What the **** are they loading that is so huge? It is in the background, and it is hidden. And if they are left open on a tab, they continue to eat and eat and eat. Anyone know what is up with this?

A suspended report by this web site has been taken as gospel, and posted everywhere.

If you have heard the report about the 30 FBI agents checking into the Mandalay Bay, quoting me as the source, that report was suspended before it even got posted. I had not even finished it, labeled it as unconfirmed, and put it on a back page with a link, with the link clearly stating it was unconfirmed, but should be looked into.

The source of the "30 FBI agents" checking in originally came from the Intel Hub, and that report is gone. So either it is a real report that got censored, or it was taken down for some other reason. Due to the fact that the original source of the info no longer has it, and no one else came up with it, it is staying in the uncofirmed bin. It should under no circumstances be re-posted as legit by anyone. However, the original doxxing of FBI agents, which accompanied the report was accurate.

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Sa nu uitam !


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Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Alianţa România Dreaptă /A.R.D., alegeri 2012 (punct din programul de guvernare ): “Sprijinirea ideii întăririi unității politice a Uniunii Europene, inclusiv în punerea bazelor creării Statelor Unite ale Europei (SUE)”

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