11 august 2017

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Putin: North Korean Crisis Is False Flag To Start WW3

Vladimir Putin has warned that the North Korean nuclear crisis is being orchestrated as a false flag by the New World Order with the goal of starting a major global conflict that will escalate quickly into World War 3.

As tensions continue to rise between the United States and North Korea, with threats of “fire and fury” coming from the U.S., and the response of a potential pre-emptive missile strike coming from North Korea, Putin has warned that we should read between the lines and see the crisis for what it really is – a New World Order manufactured crisis to advance their agenda for a one world government.

“Kim is saying he will launch missiles in the vicinity of Guam, an American territory in the Pacific,” Putin said at a public appearance in Sochi, “but you must stop and think why he would say this, and if he really said this, or if he is being used as a tool of the globalists.”

The international corporate media have begun pushing the claim that North Korea “may” have a miniature nuclear weapon that they could use to hit Guam, or Japan, or South Korea, or possibly even the west coast of the United States. But this is all fear mongering, according to Putin.

“We have seen all of this before. The same people said the same things about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They said they could hit European cities within 45 minutes. But after the Iraq war, after independent International inquiries, we find nothing. The globalist cabal just wanted war.”

There is a major historical battle at the moment between globalized central bankers and those who refuse to fall in line. While Putin does not believe Kim Jong-un is a good guy, he believes in national sovereignty and rejects the globalist vision.

When Putin talks about the “globalist cabal” he is referring to the Rothschild-led international banking syndicate and their plans for a one world government. North Korea is one of the last countries to refuse a Rothschild centralized bank. Libya didn’t have one and look what happened to them. Syria doesn’t have one, and the New World Order is working overtime at destroying the country.

New World Order needs war

The New World Order planned to use Syria as the explosive starting point of World War 3, and managed to lure all the world’s major players into the combustible mix. Under the stewardship of Obama and Hillary Clinton, the New World Order geared up for massive, world-changing conflict in the Mid-East, with the goal of creating order out of chaos.

However for the first time in history the New World Order’s propaganda outlets, the mainstream media, failed in the task of convincing the public that war was necessary, justified, and desirable.

The people of the world, tired of endless globalist violence, destruction, and the erosion of national sovereignty, have turned against corporate media and the endless beating of war drums, and have instead begun to recognize the wisdom of Putin’s anti-globalist stance.

As long as the world’s major militaries are controlled by globalist politicians, and mainstream news outlets are controlled by globalist interests, the world will not be safe.

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