20 decembrie 2016

Asasinul de la Ankara era "conectat"

Asasinul ambasadorului rus în Turcia fusese recent într-una dintre echipele care asigurau paza lui Erdogan, iar la momentul puciului eşuat primise în mod ciudat două zile de permisie ("medicale", se pare). Zile în care a fost în contact cu "anumite forţe".

The Elite Just Sent A Message To Russia

Russian Ambassador was shot today by an off duty police officer posing as a security guard. This is a message to Russia from the Elite. We have just killed your Ambassador your move. If the Elite are assassinating the Ambassador this tells us the Elite are desperate and they are now taking the next step.


Turkish Assassin Of Russian Ambassador Tracked To American CIA Base In Iraq

An initial Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report provided to the Security Council (SC) within the past hour on the assassination of Ambassador Andrey Karlov yesterday in Ankara, Republic of Turkey, stunningly reveals that the assassin, Mevlut Mert Altintas, was in the “environs” of the “not so secret” American Central Intelligence (CIA) station located in the Erbil Governorate of Iraqi Kurdistan on 15 July (2016)—thus giving “a more than strong indication” that he was aware of the American-led Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) attempted coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that occurred on that date.

According to this report, President Putin authorized the sending to Turkey of SVR intelligence investigators as part of the 18-person team to jointly investigate the assassination of Ambassador Karlov with Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT)—and that one of the first “duties/functions” they performed was the “historic/past” electronic tracking of the assassins phone records, along with those of his family and known associates.

On 15 July, SVR intelligence experts in this report detail, this assassin was stationed on duty with his police regiment in Diyarbakırs, located in Diyarbakır Province, when the American-led coup against President Erdoğan—but who instead of reporting to duty as all Turkish police forces were ordered to do, was unexplainably granted a 2-day leave by his commander Kahraman Sezer, who after the failed coup was arrested due to his ties to the FETO terror organization led the CIA-backed Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen.

After being granted this extraordinary leave of absence while Turkey was in the midst of nationwide coup, this report continues, SVR electronic intelligence experts were able to track this assassin’s phone usage on 15 July along a 386 kilometer (240 miles) “path/corridor” showing him traveling from Diyarbakırs to the capital city of the Erbil Governorate, Erbil—after which his phone went “silent/dark” for 7 hours, was then reactivated in the early morning hours of 16 July, and showed him traveling back to his home city in Turkey where he reported back to duty.

Turkish MİT investigative files on this assassins travels to the “environs” of the CIA’s base in Erbil during the 15 July coup, this report continues, shows “grave/serious” discrepancies—with one assessment describing that his stated reason for traveling to Iraq Kurdistan to visit a sick cousin who was teaching at the Fethullah Gülen school in Erbil warranted his prosecution and that caused his suspension, on 4 October, from his police duties, but that were, without any explanation to be found in these files, reinstated and gave him full police powers on 16 November.

SVR investigators in this report further note that the Fethullah Gülen School in Erbil visited by this assassin on 15 July was ordered closed and sold by Iraq Kurdistan authorities after they were provided evidence by Turkish MİT security operatives proving this schools link to the failed CIA-led coup against Turkey’s legitimately elected government.


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