22 mai 2016

Pare neverosimil ? În vara 1916 bucureştenii se băteau cu flori la Şosea

Timpul nu mai avea răbdare... 
(Marin Preda, Moromeţii, volumul I)
Eu încă nu-mi dau seama pe ce se bazează ăştia crezând că s-ar găsi destui care să lupte pentru ei. Hey! Yo! Veţi avea o mare surpriză când veţi suna goarna...


NATO´s Preparations in Europe for Total War on Russia – and the 2nd Coming of Christ
[...] A lot of play-acting is going on between the Masonic brethren in NATO and Russia. The playwright (Albert Pike left) is long dead, but his Illuminati heirs follow the same diabolic Masonic plan: NWO through 3 world wars. The following is to be seen against the backdrop of this Illuminati plan:
The Financial Times 15 May 2016: The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, VTJF would be too vulnerable during its deployment phase to be used in Poland or the Baltic States, two senior Nato generals with close knowledge of the alliance’s logistical and military planning told the Financial Times.

Nato officials believe Russia’s military plans to use “hybrid” measures to undermine, manipulate or incite opponents before the outbreak of open state-on-state hostilities. Nato claims these tactics have been on open display in Ukraine.
That´s where VTJF is usable.
… A general change in mindset is needed—a culture of seizing the initiative and actively shaping the strategic environment should become the Alliance’s modus operandi,” states the recently published paper in Tallinn, Estonia, “Closing NATO’s Baltic Gap,” authored by 4 former highranking NATO generals.

The permanent presence of Western troops in Eastern Europe, and the massive rearmament of the Baltic states are not routine exercises.
NATO is putting into practice war plans that its military and geostrategists have elaborated behind the backs of the population.

In the run-up to the NATO summit in Warsaw in early July, the Western military alliance is building up its military might in Eastern Europe, heightening the danger of a nuclear conflict with Russia.

“Brilliant Jump” is just one of many NATO exercises that are currently taking place in Eastern Europe.

From June 7 to 17, one of the largest exercises will take place this year in Poland, with the “Anaconda” manoeuvres. The script foresees an Article 5 scenario, with a NATO counterattack following a fictitious attack on NATO member Poland. According to NATO officials, about 25,000 soldiers will participate in “Anaconda.” In addition, 250 armoured vehicles from the US Army will be used, including more than 90 Abrams M1 battle tanks. The Bundeswehr is increasingly taking on a leading role in this massive NATO deployment against Russia.

4000 troops now and 4200 to follow next year will be deployed in the border region to Russia.

The war fantasies of the NATO generals knows no bounds. At one point, they write: “NATO must signal to Russia that, in case of aggression against any NATO ally, there is no such thing as a limited conflict for the Alliance, and that it will contest Russia in all domains and without geographical limitations.” (John Foster Dulles doctrine).
When will these fighter jets clash over Syria ?

Putin checkmate Obama over  Syria
Russia Today 20 May 2016:  Russian Defence Minister Shoigu: “We suggest to the US… starting on May 25, joint action of the Russian Air Forces and the US-led coalition forces to plan and conduct strikes against the Al-Nusra Front, which does not support the ceasefire, as well as against convoys of arms and fighters crossing the Syrian-Turkish border.

Starting May 25, we reserve the right to unilaterally conduct airstrikes against forces of the international terrorist organizations and militant groups who didn’t join the truce,” the Russian minister warned. Comment: Al Nusra is an Al Qaeda fraction – and thus a US ally – like ISIS, too. So the US will not go for them. And will not stop Turkey´s lucrative purchases of stolen ISIS oil in return for mediating the sale of US weapons to ISIS. And Russia´s suggestion would be embarrassing to Obama. So, checkmate, Obama!

It has been maintained that ISIS does not exist. “Our” politicians are ISIS – and its purpose is to draw Russia into a quagmire of chaos in the Middle east – spreading to rebellion by Russia´s Muslims.

NATO to go to war in Syria DWN 20 Mai 2016:  Urged by the United States NATO would soon take active part   in the war in the Middle East. To combat the IS, NATO AWACS surveillance aircraft would be active in the crisis area. German Foreign Minister Steinmeier and numerous EU Foreign Ministers have major concerns. However, they would not be able to prevail.

NATO is checking direct involvement in the fight against the IS. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had said many times that the alliance has the potential to do more. So far, NATO did not want to participate directly in the fight against the IS.

World Socialist Website 16 May 2016 Russia, a vast and resource-rich territory with the largest land area of any state, once the core of the Soviet Union, represents the choicest of prizes in the eyes of the American and European elites. They see no way out from their own crisis apart from a mad scramble to dismember and subjugate the Russian Federation, along with China and the ex-colonial nations of Africa and Asia.
Left: NATO-Russia military strength comparison. The Daily Mail 26 Aug. 2015
In remarks delivered from the US-Nordic Leaders’ Summit Friday in Washington, US President Barack Obama denounced the Russian government in belligerent tones.

The US media presented Obama’s sharp remarks as a “response” to warnings issued by Putin earlier in the day, in which the Russian leader attacked the establishment of the new US-NATO Aegis Ashore missile base at Deveselu, in Romania. The real purpose of the missile deployments, part of the preparation for an offensive and nuclear war against Russia, was made clear by US Deputy Defence Secretary Robert Work, who said the system is geared for “the central and northern arc of NATO,” i.e., Russia’s western and Arctic flanks.
“They aren’t defensive systems, they are part of the US strategic nuclear potential deployed on the periphery, in eastern Europe,” Putin bluntly noted in his own remarks . In an official statement, Russia’s foreign ministry condemned the new base for “gravely undermining the INF Treaty,” referring to the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty between Washington and Moscow.

The sharpness of Putin’s response to the NATO escalation is an index of the historic levels of geopolitical tensions building up under the impact of Washington’s relentless war drive.

“The (Iranian) threat is gone, but the creation of missile defence systems go on,” Putin complained.
NATO missiles are targets of potential Russian preemptive attacks if Russia feels threatened

The entire history of the imperialist epoch has proven that there can be no lasting peace with, or between, the major imperialist powers
For Russia and the US are doomed to be eternal enemies  in the Frame of the NWO.

Official NATO doctrines promulgated earlier this year define Russia as a “resurgent and aggressive” power and call for a qualitative escalation of NATO’s military posture towards Moscow, in their jargon, from “assurance to deterrence.”

Acc. to the WSJ, they plan for an “increased rotational presence” in the East, including “more regular exercises and presence in both Romania and Bulgaria.”

The announcements came amid large-scale war drills in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, still ongoing, including more than 1,000 US, British and Georgian soldiers with M1A1 battle tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles.

Recent weeks have seen the Ukrainian government and NATO members Romania and Turkey demand NATO escalation in the Black Sea, including formation of a multinational naval force. NATO officials told the Wall Street Journal last week that plans for such a fleet are already well advanced.

Israel is de facto a NATO member – and that´s dangerous for us
Russia Today 4 May 2016: Israel will accept the invitation to open a permanent mission at the block’s headquarters in Brussels, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM has said.

According to the NATO-Israeli relations expert, it is “not on the cards” for Israel to become a full member of NATO.

Acc. to Hillary Clinton, this means Israel-NATO war on the rogue state Iran.  Rogue states are states without a Rothschild central bank, which avoid the petrodollar, and here and which do not succumb to the will of the world hegemony of the USA.  

Hillary Clinton takes her orders from the Zionist-Jesuit Council on Foreign Relations  – which has long been  wanting US war on Iran


Behind this warmongering is rivalry between the branches of the US armed forces: They want  more money and claim  – even before Congress – that they are not up to the Russians in terms of modern weapons. General Wesley Clark, and other generals are obsessed to start a war against Russia to prove their raison d´etre!!!

The anti-Russian propaganda campaign has been ongoing for years: the military-industrial complex and here which has bought the Pentagon their neoconservative allies (and beneficiaries) need a new enemy now that the “war on terrorism” is wearing a little threadbare.

To me it seems that NATO is inviting chess player Putin to make a discovered attack: suddenly replacing the covering dialogue with  a preemptive surprise attack destroying the NATO military´s global offensive missiles at one time – something like Rev. 18: 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. 3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. 17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought.

Nuclear bombs can wreak this harm.
Only the 2. coming of Christ at the very last moment of the history of self-destructive mankind can save some from physical extinction.

Right: The Georgia Guidestones.

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Riddick spunea...

U.S. & NATO Anti-Missile Defense System Puts Putin On High ALERT



Poland Begins Construction of NATO Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Site



Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders



Riddick spunea...

"NATO missiles are targets of potential Russian preemptive attacks if Russia feels threatened"

Deci, nu va fi cu preaviz, la o adică. Ca să fie clar.

Riddick spunea...

Bătăile cu flori la Şosea:

În urmă cu aproape 100 de ani ”traficul” pe șoseaua Kisseleff era îngreunat de trăsuri, cai, domni la costum cu pălării și doamne cu umbrele care se îndreptau către bătaia cu flori de la șosea.

Mai precis, se aruncau flori între trăsurile aflate pe Șosea, dar aveau loc și ”bătăi cu flori” care erau organizate de studenții din acea perioadă. Tradiția datează din 1890 și deobicei se sărbătorea în Duminica Floriilor, însă, în perioada interbelică a devenit o tradiției a zilei de 10 mai.


Totul începea cu salutul dat Familiei Regale, care se afla în tribunele din Piaţa Victoriei. Domni eleganți mânau trăsurile împodobite cu flori, iar domnișoarele îmbrăcate cu rochii comandate direct de la Paris împărțeau zâmbete și saluturi în toate părțile. Din dreptul Monetăriei se declanșa dezmățul floral. Domni în automobile de lux, domnișoare din trăsuri, oameni de la balcoanele din împrejurimi, toți aruncau cu flori, de o parte și de alta a șoselei într-un spectacol nemaipomenit.


Şoseaua Kiseleff este una din foarte puţinele străzi care a reuşit să-şi păstreze numele de vreo 160 de ani. Era o dată locul de plimbare al protipendadei…Vedeai trăsuri fabuloase, apoi automobile de lux după 1910. Şi regina Maria venea să călăreasca pe aleea din dreapta, cum vii dinspre Arcul de triumf.

A fost aici cîmpul de război anual al bătăii cu flori din duminca de dinainte de Paşte, zisă Duminca Floriilor, cînd toate cucoanele puneau ce aveau mai parizian şi veneau trase de vizitii costumati fantezist, de cei mai grozavi armasari din Valahia şi defilau dornice să fie bombardate cu buchete de flori de admriatorii plasaţi pe trotuare. Tradiţia s-a pierdut din păcate. Un negustor isteţ ar putea-o relua. Ar fi o afacere de succes sigur. Lumea s-ar înghesui să participe. Bucureştiul nu are asemenea mari sărbători, cum au Rio de Janiero, Venetia, etc, care să adune pe cei dornici de distracţie, să duca prestigiul oraşului, să atraga turiştii aducători de prosperitate….


Riddick spunea...

Bataia cu flori.
O forma de transfer cultural

Bataia cu flori nu este permisa oricui. Miza comerciala a acestui eveniment contine in nuce structura unei societati extrem de stratificate. Ceea ce pare la prima vedere o celebrare a vietii si a exuberantei nu e de fapt decât o forma de negociere subtila între protagonistii aflati în aceeasi clasa sociala. Lupta orgoliilor, a vanitatilor trece din arena vietii în aceea a simbolisticii florale. În acest sens, nu atât strania alaturare a conceptelor „bataie“ si „flori“ este semnificativa, cât dimensiunea cantitativa. Altfel spus, câstiga cel care are arsenalul cel mai mare, de preferat inepuizabil, de flori. „Mitralierea“ cu flori este avatarul ultim, extrem al laudei de sine. Pentru ca, nu-i asa, florile trebuie cumparate (scopul e nobil: strângerea de fonduri), iar pretul unui buchet e piperat. Dincolo de nostalgia pe care un asemenea eveniment o produce peste timp, suntem tentati sa vedem în „bataile cu flori“ de altadata o forma de recunoastere pe care membrii paturii sociale celei mai înstarite si-o acordau unii altora. În lipsa clasamentelor si a statisticilor care vor împânzi sfârsitul secolului XX, oamenii bogati de acum o suta de ani gaseau în acest fel de evenimente aparent inocente o modalitate de a fi împreuna unii cu altii, de a vedea cine si-a pierdut locul, cine a intrat în arena, cine e demn de invidie sau de dispret.


Anonim spunea...

["NATO missiles are targets of potential Russian preemptive attacks if Russia feels threatened"

Deci, nu va fi cu preaviz, la o adică. Ca să fie clar.]

Exista riscul asta, e evident. Am citit deja articole din surse foarte diferite care vorbesc de o Romanie transformata in cenusa radioactiva. Misto perspectiva, mesteri cirmacii bukalioti.

Si apoi avem asta:

Putin: Streets of Leningrad taught me one thing - if fight is inevitable, throw the first punch


Despre somnambulismul si indolenta - parca ar fi fost anesteziati sau drogati cu totii - cu care au intrat natiile Europei, cu politruci cu tot, in primul razboi mondial s-au scris o multime de carti. Ceva asemanator vedem si acum. Europenii privesc razboiul ca pe ceva ce li se poate intimpla altora. Se uita la tv, vad imaginile din Nordul Africii, din Siria, din Irak, din Afghanistan, din Estul Ucrainei... dar le vad degeaba. Nu pricep nimic. Se uita ca la teatru. Cum sa se intimple in Europa asa ceva?! E ceva asemanator cu observatia psihologilor despre motivatia unui individ de a actiona: cu cit un obiectiv e mai indepartat in timp, cu atit motivatia (de a invata pentru examene, de a te pregati de eventuale inundatii, cutremure etc.) e mai mica.

O sa se intimple. Tot ce trebuie sa facem pentru asta e sa nu facem nimic si sa-i lasam pe politruci si securisti sa lucreze pentru noi.


Riddick spunea...

Ce se bucurau tembelii ăia din Deveselu, că li s-au asfaltat străzile şi că poate "îşi vor mărita fata cu un american". În locul lor plecam dracu' la minim 200 km mai departe, iar fetele mai bine ar respinge perspectiva de a deveni văduve de război.

Ce-i aia, sistem "defensiv", când poate avea rolul de a bloca "salva de răspuns" la un atac nuclear din partea NATO la adresa Rusiei ? Mă rog, la dimensionarea actuală mai are mult până acolo. Iar lansatorul din Polonia, tot "contra Iranului" ("ameninţării dinspre Orientul Mijlociu"), este ? De ce, atunci, nu unul în Bulgaria sau Grecia sau Malta sau Cipru, era mult mai logic.

Se vorbeşte despre Podişul Cehiei şi Moraviei, transformat în deşert nuclear (Mitteleuropa kaputt). Caut linkul...

Riddick spunea...

Am găsit ceva dar nu e ce ştiam eu, "e pe-aproape" ("WW3 Prophesies"). Mai caut...

Sepp Wudy, the farmer's farmhand (died in the First World War):

As Sepp was called up to war [World War I] he said he wouldn't come back because he has to die in ice and snow. As it happened, he perished during the world war in the Dolomites. This is not the last war (1st world war), Sepp said, because then soon there will be another, and only after that the last one comes. This last one is more terrible than the other one. To know what it will be like at the time, you will be able to talk to your cousin in Vienna from your own house, and if you needed him rapidly he could be with you within one hour.

"The bohemian forest will one day be burned like a straw barn. Don't run away when the gray birds are flying. If you see this, know that the end is near and it has already begun. It will then be like one hundred years ago. So much the people are thrown back and with this they will be punished for their wantonness."

"You have the meal in front of you and are not allowed to eat it, because it brings you death; and you have the water and may not drink it, because it would also mean your death. From the Osser (mountain at the Bavarian-Bohemian boundary) there will still be a water source -- there you can drink. The air corrodes into the skin like a poison. Put on all the clothing you have and don't even let the tip of your nose remain uncovered. Place yourself into a hole and wait till it is all over. It will not last long. Or look for a cave in the mountains. When you loose your hair it has gotten you. Take a Kronwittbirl (Juniper fruit) into the mouth. This will help. And don't drink milk for (at least) eight weeks. [...]"

"It will be bad, and the later-born ones will have to learn writing and reading anew. The cause will be that the people do not recognize the Devil anymore, because he is dressed beautifully and promises everything to them.

"When no owl cries any more and the hares come to the house and collapse, then go away from the water and don't mow grass. In these times there will be no more border against Bavaria, but the border will be I cannot say." [Ed. comment: Wudy lived in Bohemia, few miles away from the border to Bavaria. This border doesn't exist anymore since the Czechs joined the European Union.)


Riddick spunea...

"Don't run away when the gray birds are flying"

"Degeaba fugi când vei vedea bombardierele sau rachetele (nucleare) zburând pe deasupra ta, va fi deja prea târziu"

Riddick spunea...

"When you loose your hair it has gotten you."

"Când o-ncepe să-ţi cadă părul [ca la chimioterapie sau radioterapie] vei şti că s-a zis cu tine."

Riddick spunea...

În fine... Nu mai pot da peste citatul respectiv, apare aici, la http://www.jrnyquist.com în cadrul unui interviu, acum vreo 2-3 ani (nu sunt multe linkuri "ajutătoare" sau sitemap, trebuie "săpat").

Anonim spunea...

Imi povestea, pe vremuri, un inginer bucurestean care lucrase in Germania in constructii prin anii 1960 si ceva, trimis prin ARCOM mi se pare (intreprindere socialista a statului roman), o discutie cu un coleg neamt la o bere, cu citeva luni inainte de "Razboiul de 6 zile" dintre Israel si vecini:
- "O sa fie razboi intre Israel si Egipt", ii zice neamtul.
- "???"
- "Egiptul a cumparat in ultimii doi ani toata productia de otel de la Krupp. Ce altceva decit tancuri poti sa faci cu atita otel?"

Daca un oarecare din Germania a inteles asta, cum sa nu fi inteles Golda Meir si echipa, mai ales cind au vazut cum se tot maseaza trupe in apropierea frontierelor Israelului? Au inteles, s-au pregatit si ei si cind, vorba lui Putin, razboiul nu mai putea fi evitat, au atacat primii si au distrus sute de avioane si tancuri egiptene la sol in citeva ore. Daca nu atacau primii, ar fi pierdut razboiul din cauza masivei superioritati in oameni si armament a celorlalti.

NATO se comporta cu rusii de citiva ani la fel ca arabii cu israelienii in 1967. Se apropie tiptil-tiptil de frontierele rusilor si o fac in grupuri mici de fiecare data ca sa poata sa-i ridiculizeze pe rusi in cazul in care ar protesta pentru deplasarea a, pfff..., 200-300 de militari, sau pentru instalarea unui scut cu doar 24 de rachete, mare brinza (si nu impotriva lor, ci impotriva Iranului) etc. Insa, daca te uiti unde erau trupele NATO acum 5-10 ani si cit de mult (si cit de multi!) s-au apropiat de rusi, pe mii de kilometri de frontiera, intre timp, iti dai seama ca, la un moment dat, rusii vor ataca primii, fiindca... a explicat Putin de ce.


Riddick spunea...

Da, iar de se va întâmpla, nimeni nu va mişca un deget pentru oligarhia transatlantică. Nu din simpatie pentru ruşi, ci din ură împotriva acestei oligarhii.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Bogdan Chirieac, 2013: "Cu alte cuvinte, Germania a avut dreptate să considere România o țară neguvernabilă. Poate de aceea sunt necesare și Statele Unite ale Europei cu Berlinul pe post de Washington. Astfel, în sfârșit, și aceste teritorii însemnând România, Bulgaria, dar și Italia, Grecia, Ungaria, vor deveni guvernabile."

Postări populare (nu P.P.E. !):