Te pomeneşti că Dragnea o fi comentator politic, nu lider al coaliţiei de guvernare şi lider al PSD. Cea mai recentă zicală de-a sa este despre vaccinare: „Eu am foarte mari rezerve pentru a obliga, pentru a fi o măsură obligatorie. Vă spun sincer, am foarte mari rezerve aici”. Da, teleormane, nu trebuia să repeţi. Matale ai rezerve, da' ministrul sănătăţii merge-nainte cu legea care obligă (!) părinţii să vaccineze copiii, şi GrindeAnus o susţine. Nu mai înşir lista "dezacordurilor" care între timp au trecut de legiferare...

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23 iunie 2015

War with Russia has already started

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Friends and family are going to be stuck over seas, killed overseas and everyone back here is clueless. My niece's husband is suppose to be coming home from Iraq on September 4th, imagine how I felt knowing the likelihood of that is about 10% as she told me this with her young son in her arms. I'm pissed.

All indications that I have seen lead to a perceived U.S. ground war with Russia overseas, I know it's bold to say, but this is what I believe, it's happening now via NATO troops, and there are U.S. troops heavily involved. Something like this has to happen now, so there is a reason/distraction from the main reason all these military drills and equipment placement is being conducted, which is the fast approaching planet and its debris tail. The military escalation is offering an additional reason to implement martial law if the race riots/civil unrest does not happen soon. This is multi-faceted, with the primary goal being marshal law. Also, this is compartmentalized, so the troops involved (even high level officers) in this don’t realize this is all choreographed.

From FOX today: "US SECRETARY OF STATE ASH CARTER (he just replaced Kerry for this specific action) ANNOUNCES US is sending weapons, aircraft, commandos and enhanced intelligence capabilities to help NATO defend against growing security threats in Europe". They are letting us know, but no one is paying attention. This is choreographed.

Because of this, I believe a cataclysmic/major chaos event (possibly the beginning of a war) is just around the corner, there has to be a sizable distraction very very soon, before the public, those sleeping, realize what our government has gotten us into and lied to us about. Everyone is believing an asteroid event is coming, it's a lie. Anything resembling an asteroid hitting the earth, is from earth, we did it, it will be holographic. There eventually will be asteroids, but they come later, during what is referred to in the bible as Gods Wrath.

I'm sticking to my assessment Steve. The Pope's visit will be on the heels of orchestrated chaos, which avenue of chaos? The avenue the computer program (Jade Helm) picks here very soon. The Pope arriving on the heels of chaos will insure his messages will be heard, and the beginning of the acceptance of his messages. We have several big time alternative media moguls showing signs of stress. These reporters are now seeing that what they have been reporting on is actually fact and coming true, this just wasn't entertainment like many of them were led to believe. Many of these reporters have been made promises and lied too, and they are now finding out they have been used, that is why you see them freaking out, they now realize they are dead once this starts.

Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Pray for your family, friends, neighbors and countrymen.


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Anonim G spunea...

Bine ai revenit !!!

Anonim G spunea...



Anonim G spunea...

Germania si satelitii sint bagati la inaintare !
Parca am mai vazut asa ceva in istorie !
Deznodamintul va fi, oare, acelasi ?!

Riddick spunea...

Mulţumesc ! Iar... probleme, m-au absorbit aproape total.

Ceva, ceva, se coace. Şi vine iute-iute.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Dan Tăpălagă, 2011: "La fel ca pe vremea altui imperiu, patria este acolo unde îți este bine. Până la urma va trebui să întelegem asta cu toții. Mai avem apoi de făcut trecerea la al treilea nivel. Mai trebuie să reușim un salt mental, de la patriotismul local și cel național la un fel de patriotism european, dacă-i putem spune așa".

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