27 ianuarie 2015

Strelkov presează public pentru o intervenţie directă a Rusiei în Donbas: "dacă va cădea Donbasul ar urma un atac împotriva Crimeei"

Igor Strelkov: Assessment of Military Situation - January 22, 2015

Anchor: There has been a ceasefire. It was disrupted from both sides, but nevertheless we could see growing intensity of military actions since January 9. Who do you think disrupted it and why is it happening? Why is it impossible to hold up the truce? 
Igor Strelkov: Since the Minsk agreements the truce has not been observed for a single day. Even on the quietest days, New Year’s celebrations, local shootings took place.

Anchor: Why? 
Igor Strelkov: For one simple reason—the Ukraine side has never seen the ceasefire as binding for them. They only had a very practical military take on it. I have spoken of it many times.

Anchor: So you think the Minsk agreements were a mistake? 
Igor Strelkov: I am not going to criticise the Minsk agreements but I will answer the previous question. The Ukraine side only saw the Minsk agreements as a opportunity for re-grouping and re-arming. They have never hidden their intentions to go on with the military actions. So the Minsk agreements, from the military point of view, were only beneficial to the Ukraine side which was on the verge of a crushing defeat in September. 

Anchor: Did the they reach this goal? 
Igor Strelkov: Yes they did to the extent it could be done. They managed to form the south part of the front practically from scratch. The part from Donetsk to Mariupol which was non-existent at the time of the Minsk agreement. They managed to rotate their forces, top up human and technical resources to numbers exceeding the ones from before Minsk. 

Anchor: How could they do it? Who helped them? Because the Ukraine army’s condition is quite pathetic. And why didn’t the airports of Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhje work? 
Igor Strelkov: They were closed for 2-3 days to receive arms. Large numbers of Western manufactured arms. Mostly Anti-Tank weapons have been delivered. Particularly a great number of Anti-Tank systems «Javelin» which is extremely dangerous for any modern armoured vehicles. 

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Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

- Dacă, la câțiva ani după aderare, va veni un guvern cu largă susținere electorală și va spune "vrem să ieșim din UE", va mai fi posibil acest lucru?
- Nu. N-avem încotro. Avem oare altă soluție pentru România? Ce să facem, să ne apropiem de zonele arabe, să devenim fundamentaliști islamici? Să ne slavizăm sub umbrela lui Putin și a Kremlinului? Ce să facem? Avem alt scenariu? Eu cred că nu. Vad UE ca pe o locomotivă ce se va atașa la trenul numit România, care acum merge prea încet, gâfâind. O locomotivă care va trage România din trecut și o va aduce în contemporaneitate. De aceea, să primim Noul An cu speranță și încredere, cu un oarecare fatalism gen "asta e, nu mai putem schimba nimic", și să scoatem din 2006 tot ce are el mai bun pentru fiecare dintre noi.

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