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04 aprilie 2015

Crimea: The Way Home - EN Subtitles - Full Documentary

via Niqnaq:

I have to tell you, the scene from approx 00:58 to 01:05 hrs, where the Marine Spetsnaz arrive on the runway of Simferopol airport in the nick of time to defend it from a mob intending to set fire to it, is completely fictitious, according to Strelkov. It just didn’t happen. The runway was defended by local pro-Russian militias. There was no Spetsnaz intervention. This is pure visual propaganda. And it works. It is almost up to Alistair Maclean spy thriller standards. I’m thinking of the magnificent scene in Ice Station Zebra where the Spetsnaz appear from behind the snow dunes like ghosts. Perhaps the people who made Crimea: The Way Home had that in mind – RB

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Comentariul de la postarea de pe Vimeo:

This is Andrey Kondrashov's documentary on the return of Crimea to Russia, available with English subtitles. It has been a year since Crimeans took to the polls to vote for returning to their Motherland and leaving wretched Ukraine behind. The Western powers - led, as ever, by the US and UK - are determined to portray this momentous historic event as an imperial land-grab by Russia, and that it caused the subsequent civil war between Kiev and the breakaway provinces in the country's East.

However, as this excellent documentary shows, the Russian government could see that the violent manner in which the elected Ukrainian leader Yanukovich had been ousted from power - with American fingerprints all over it - meant chaos would soon spread throughout Ukraine, and the majority ethnic Russian population in Crimea would be among the worst hit by neo-Nazi militias terrorizing people across the country whom they considered 'insufficiently loyal' to the US-selected regime.

When President Yanukovich fled the capital on February 21st 2013, President Putin set in a motion a series of responses that would present the first real challenge to American imperial hegemony. In this documentary we learn that Yanukovich would have been killed if Russian Spetsnaz hadn't rescued him. We also learn what specific measures the Russian government took to ensure the safety of Crimea, including warding off the American destroyer USS Donald Cook, deploying soldiers on the peninsula (who, contrary to US propaganda, were welcomed with open arms), and jamming/preventing orders from Kiev for Ukrainian soldiers stationed in Crimea to begin terrorizing the local population.

A Rossiya One production, EN subtitles by Vox Populi Evo (VPE). Uploaded to LiveLeak by VPE, in 14 parts, on 22 March 2015



Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Béla Markó, 2009: "România trebuie regionalizată, fostele regiuni trebuie restructurate şi să li se dea competenţe teritoriale. Nu este suficient să acordăm competenţe mai largi autorităţilor locale, trebuie făcută o nouă regionalizare în care Ardealul să fie o entitate distinctă, la fel şi celelalte regiuni istorice: Moldova, Muntenia, Dobrogea. Este posibil un al treilea pas, dacă vom ajunge la descentralizare şi regionalizare, împreună cu formarea autonomiilor. Un alt subiect de dezbatere este şi federalizarea, care pentru unii este ca un postav roşu, dar trebuie să vorbim despre asta şi vedeţi că eu vorbesc cu mare precauţie".

Béla Markó, 2015: "În urma refugiaților mă tem că se va întări nu Europa Unită, ci se vor întări statele naționale, pe care de-acum câțiva ani am sperat să le demolăm".

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