28 februarie 2015

Point is, we are now INSIDE Russia, not Ukraine, fomenting regime change

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Just was informed by Russian that has a friend that is his activist associate that this killing is a set up of Putin.

The beta testing of the grid outages here in the US preceded this and were dry runs to prevent the story from getting out when operation lightning happens on a large scale here.

Time is running out for outspoken patriots. This Russian assisination will be used by our government as the casus belli to initiate operation lightning under the guise of killing patriots to blame Putin for retaliation against US and the West of trying to frame him for a crackdown inside Russia. Putin has already said this assisination was politically motivated.

Point is, we are now INSIDE Russia, not Ukraine, fomenting regime change. And what a perfect excuse to start seeing American patriots winding up dead as tensions rise.

Notice how high level Duma members are saying this is not just an attack on dissidents, but on the Russian Federation as well.

Heck, it could have ( probably was) Western assets that assassinated this anti-Putin leader right outside the Kremlin on the day Putin declares Holiday for his special forces, and a day before a huge anti-Putin protest where evidence of Putin's involvement in Ukraine was to come out. Come on!

Anyway, time to Rock and Roll.

Thank you for all your service to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Feb 28, 2015

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Riddick spunea...

"this killing is a set up of Putin" = acest omor este o înscenare [îndreptată] împotriva lui Putin

Breaking news: FALSE FLAG IN MOSCOW!


Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Radu Bălănescu (Mare Maestru al Marii Loji Naționale din România, la gala MLNR), 2019: "Vin încărcat de optimism, în sfârșit societatea românească promovează dialogul, promovează prin factori decidenți extremi de importanți un pact pentru o cale europeană, pentru că România face parte din Europa și noi trebuie să promovăm cu toții acest lucru".

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