28 decembrie 2014

Nigel Farage - "Britanicul Anului" (The Times)

Bineînţeles că ştirea asta nu apare în mass-media RO (a trecut deja o zi), pentru care Farage este "un excentric" şi "liderul unui partid extremist", iar Viktor Orbán este "un antidemocrat", "un (crypto-)fascist", sau "omul ruşilor". 

The Times:

Man of the Moment
Nigel Farage is a game-changing politician and The Times Briton of the Year

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Farage - The EU cannot confer Statehood:

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Riddick spunea...

Farage: I’m the poorest politician I know

Nigel Farage has claimed that he is one of the poorest figures in British politics, despite earning a six-figure sum from his MEP salary and media appearance fees.

The Ukip leader told a Channel 4 programme that he made significant financial sacrifices to pursue a political career and has had to live on “about half what the local headmaster or GP earns”.


Riddick spunea...

The EU cannot confer Statehood 



Ditch Cameron if you want pact, says Ukip

Nigel Farage has laid down terms for a pre-election pact between his UK Independence party and the Conservatives: ditch David Cameron and hold a quick referendum on Europe.

The Ukip leader said it was “highly unlikely” that his party could do a deal with Mr Cameron. Mr Farage said the prime minister had not apologised for branding Ukip a party made up of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”.

In an interview with the FT Magazine, the Ukip leader described Mr Cameron as a “conman” who could not be trusted to deliver his promised referendum in 2017. “I don’t believe a word he says,” Mr Farage said.


Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Marius Stoian, 2013: Regionalizarea - "un episod al Marelui Proiect European, care, într-un ciclu de câteva secole va dezmembra pentru a recompune o altă realitate antropo-geografică în termenii, acum futurişti, ai unei naţiuni europene cu 'dialecte' naţionale de muzeu etnografic".

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