13 iunie 2016

Igor Strelkov on the military situation in the Donbas

Traducere "tip maşină" (automată, via Google Translate), din rusă în engleză. Strelkov, mereu un critic al politicii ambigue a Kremlinului faţă de junta de la Kiev.

Стрелков Инфo / Strelkov Info:

If anyone remembers, back in late 2014, I predicted that the mongrel-kolenochnom and utterly unpromising "Minsk format" war will turn into a microscopic similarity of "First World" - a meaningless sluggish (but still bloody) positional tyagomotina, the main consequence which will fall enthusiasm VSN (militia) and its gradual demoralization. As the population. Besides, I had already thought that the result of "ostrich" policy of the Kremlin, who intended to jump first "Marsh", and then frightened own courage and helplessly stuck in the quagmire will be rapid degradation of the entire socio-ekonomcheskoy and (as a consequence) the political system. Which, moreover, will be accompanied by "striving to zero" "His Majesty's rating" of GDP, followed by the negative (not only for power but also for the country, unfortunately) consequences. All these processes have on the face, and are not far from completion.

Created by "regular body" (sly become "people's militia") are in the process of decomposition. Between senior officers and the "lower ranks" there is an abyss, similar in size and mutual distrust exactly to the 1917-th year. That is, when the opportunity (for example - in the case of military defeat), most arrogant, cowardly and thieving "military experts", as well as home-grown "heroes" willing pick up on bayonets. And, in fact, quite rightly so. However, they are well aware of the situation (as ukry) and preparing for the "evacuation" without replacement by the end of the coming summer. I really do not think that such an "evacuation" in general can take place without the carnage ... And another massacre, according to some estimates, could begin as early as this month. But here I can not write even a part of what I know. Yes, and "guarantee" can not be given. Therefore, "we will see." Others, unfortunately, now I can not do anything.

Since both sides are rigidly tied to political games "partners" (in which each "partner" is trying to deceive each other and knows it), then the hostilities have the character of "push-pushing". The failure of the "Minsk" is already clear to all (except, perhaps, Putin, who "are afraid to report" about this trouble, because he foolishly took full responsibility for that, "the process"). But as yet there is still hope that the Donbass will pass them without a fight (under pressure from "higher-level partners") in Kiev, as a general attack is fraught with direct intervention of the Russian Armed Forces, the strong attack, they do not go. Especially that last treacherous statements Peskov, ridiculously obscure answers Lavrov and frankly defeatist suggestions Kudrin - contribute to this kind of hopes.

However, under the benevolent supervision of the spies of the OSCE (in fact - their allies), the emphasis is not noticing the Ukrainian side no violations, APU virtually eliminated the "gray zone" across the front line. Ukrainian troops moved forward throughout a distance of a mile and a half (in some places - and more), occupying the entire "neytralku" and entering into direct contact with VSN, where it did not exist before.

In late May, the shelling positions of the BCH and the settlements have increased dramatically. At points the traditionally tough confrontation (Yasinovataya-Avdeevka, district Dokuchaevsk) were reconnaissance and attempts to attack local forces to a platoon, with the support of armored vehicles.

For its part, the units "buildings" and other armed groups DNR (on the front of the LC are much more static and calm the situation) in the last week, too, sometimes "show teeth" - Ukrainian military "moved the" about 1 kilometer to the village Zaytsevo (back position, with which the militia was ousted about three months ago). In Yasinovataya area occupied by the old-Avdeevka. Most brazenly located and annoying battery ukrov affected by counter-battery fire.

Serious value of all the purely tactical successes (and with that, and on the other hand) has not. All it is clear that only a decisive battle is able to "dot the i", instead of bloody clashes for some debris and waste heaps. And the inevitability of this battle is also clear to everyone (except, perhaps, those immoral degradantov as General Lenz, and he is most likely just pretends to for career reasons).

To delay the battle the two sides can even indefinitely. But accumulated and the weight problems that can not solve such a "strange war", and they must be solved. In political terms - Kiev and Moscow are both in a deadlock (which is always the case with those who have the stupidity to get into the game, moderated USA). Russia can not pass the Donbass without risking serious loosening still looks slim political stability. But sanctions and the general economic downturn pushed our "ylitku" to surrender.

In Kiev, the situation is not better - prolonged "semi-war" is very expensive, and the APU, reaching "peak" in its military-technical growth, will soon begin again, "get out of shape" - simply due to wear something like reconstituted and delivered into service nonrenewable heavy weapons (that is the fact that Ukraine itself does not produce or can not produce). Massed deliveries of western military equipment yet. And even if it will - the upgrading and retraining the army tightened (in Ukrainian conditions) for a few years. And they have no stupid Poroshenko - Ukraine is not just a "bust" - the country is heading into the abyss of all socio-economic parameters. Yes, and the moral and political state of the army - is not much better than the "cabinet" LDNR and tends to further degradation. For Kiev Donbass return (or at least a new round of so-called "Russian aggression") - this is another "doping" - the ability to jump out of a tactical stalemate. Though not for long. About the same strategy in general, and do not have to think ... it is irreducibly ideally-flops in the framework of the "European choice". In general - it is necessary for something to be solved.

In recent days, received information on the resumption of the mobilization measures, about the transfer closer to the front of the hospital and other military logistical facilities necessary for large operations. At the same time it continues to strengthen the previously appointed and newly occupied positions. Strongly training aircraft.

"Charged gun" hanging on "stage" for too long. And both sides simply can not be tempted to "defuse them at last." Just because they are tired of these terrible and very uncomfortable to deeply hedonists civilian objects. Dangerous to the same. Plus - on both sides "domoklovym sword" hanging over his head problems retaining power, the retention of which are inextricably linked and their personal destinies. And besides, "comma" in the "war can not surrender" is not checked neither Putin nor Poroshenko. And to put it is necessary.

Perhaps very soon it will happen. I still do not think that Putin will dare to surrender - is fraught with too personal a decision for him. In Poroshenko, the situation is slightly different, but (I think), his "puppeteers" from overseas may well admit defeat - when they defeat of APUs in the Donbas is nothing, in general, do not lose. It is clear already that liberate Kiev Putin and his team did not even dream of. And to lose a piece of territory, finally drove "insults and humiliation" Ukraine in their camp as loony mercenary - it is quite satisfied with them. Relatively speaking - pendosam still deeply - someone who will beat - just to win one of the parties was not final and decisive.

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Anonim spunea...

Ma uitam zilele astea la stirile despre vizita lui Netanyahu (impreuna cu nevasta!!!) in Rusia. Schimb de tancuri vechi, mers impreuna cu Putin la teatru, ce mai, relatii de relatii intre Rusia si Israel. Acelasi Israel care tocmai a primit peste 40 de miliarde de dolari de la colonia sa, USA, cea care e la cutite, zice MSM, cu Rusia. Tributul ala care era 3-4 miliarde/an inca de prin anii '50 ramine la locul lui. Da' ce mai e azi miliardul de dolari? Cit vreo 50 de milioane atunci cind s-a fixat, in secolul trecut. Asa ca saltul de la 3-4 miliarde pe an la 40 de miliarde pe an e absolut firesc. Nu poti sa-i tragi pe evrei pe sfoara chiar asa...

Si in timp ce Putin si Bibi (cu nevasta) beau, petrec, merg la teatru si pun lumea la cale, coloniile Americii (ca, la rindul lor, amerikanii au si ei colonii) trebuie sa latre la rusi, sa-si maseze trupe la granita cu rusii, sa nu le mai vinda brinza, carne, oua, sa devina tinte piept nr. 4 pentru un eventual razboi nuclear si sa nu cumpere petrol de la ei pe euro, ruble, bani chinezesti sau barter, ci numai de la arabii care, de frica, il vind exclusiv pe parai.

Vazind toate astea, ma intrebam ce-o fi in sufletul propagandistului anti-Putin de blog (gen securistul Costin Andries), sau al acoperitului din unitatile militare de presa, gen Hotnews, care trebuie sa scuipe zilnic inspre Rusia si Putin pentru ca asa a cerut Amerika si ordinul se executa, nu se gindeste. (Probabil ca e vidul absolut pe-acolo, dar imi pun si eu intrebari idioate citeodata.)

Pe de o parte:
- sa-i lingi acolo pe amerikani si pe evrei around the clock si sa-l injuri pe Putin la foc automat pe motive inventate sau absurde,
pe de alta:
- sa vezi ca aia merg la teatru si fac afaceri bine merci, iar USA cumpara (oare Victoria Nuland stie?) in continuare motoare de rachete de la rusi (si multe altele), pe scurt ca afacerile bilaterale zbirniie,
ar trebui, dupa mine, sa te faca sa cazi pe ginduri cit ai fi tu de securist prost gramada din nastere, ori sa-ti sune, dreaq, un clopotel in capul ala sec daca ai absolvit 4 clase pe bune.

Ba, pe niste oameni cit de cit integri (asta e o ipoteza la misto), fie sa-i faca sa-si ia jucariile si sa plece, fie, fortati de ratele la banci, sa-i imbolnaveasca de schizofrenie.

Latraii de azi sint exact ca aia care, pe vremea lui Ceausescu, scriau prin ziare despre minunatele conditii, productiile agricole record, bunastarea si belsugul din Romania si despre Occidentul in putrefactie care vrea sa porneasca razboiul atomic.

Dupa ce iese Trump si dizolva NATO, iar noi vom intoarce vitejeste armele, parca-i vad pe toti parazitii astia zicind spasiti ce-a zis Tudor Postelnicu la proces.

Daca in decembrie 1989 ar fi fost o revolutie adevarata si Postelnicu (nu doar Ceausestii), plus inca 5.000 ca ei, ar fi fost executati pe loc, alta ar fi fost situatia azi si nu am fi asistat perplecsi la acelasi teatru absurd. Dar, daca sintem milosi si tradarea de neam nu se pedepseste in Romania,...

Riddick spunea...

Israelul şi Rusia încep o colaborare militară:

Putin´s Master Chess Move Checkmates US: Israel to Be Russian Base, Common War Games, Israel´s Peace Plan to Be Implemented.

Bine-ar fi să iasă Trump. Dizolvarea NATO (ca iniţiativă a lui), n-o prea văd. Însă o "reformulare", este posibilă.

Postarea care va urma va trata subiectul propagandiştilor.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Toader Paleologu, 2011 (regretă că pentru schimbările introduse în Constituție este necesară consultarea cetățenilor, pe care-i mai consideră și proști): "Cred că, într-adevăr, e necesară integrarea în Constituție a acelor prevederi privind deficitul. Constituția noastră e rigidă, nu e ca alte Constituții care pot fi amendate de către Parlament sau de către un congres mai larg. În Franța se convoacă congresul constituțional și se face o reformă. Nu e necesar referendumul. La noi, din păcate, din câte înțeleg, va fi nevoie și de un vot în Parlament și de un referendum. Frica mea e că un referendum cu o întrebare atât de tehnică nu poate suscita mare interes din partea publicului. E o chestiune tehnică, pe care nu o înțelege toată lumea sau pentru care nu se pasionează toată lumea".

Postări populare (nu P.P.E. !):