26 decembrie 2014

Reluarea războiului din Donbas

Tot la vorba lui Strelkov au ajuns...


zakharchenko “sees the light” (as strelkov puts it)

DND preparing to launch a full-scale hostilities in the Donbass
Mikhail Tsaralyan, PolitNavigator, Dec 25 2014

Alexander Zakharchenko: “The conduct of war is more profitable for the officials. We understand that representatives of the party of war, whose standing strong today in Ukraine, perceive the current truce only as a temporary respite for realignment. They don’t want peace, they are not interested in people even controlled territories. These representatives of oligarchic capital, in alliance with corrupt officials who want to continue the carnage. They learned how to make money on the blood of people and to abandon this “profitable” business is not going to. That is why Ukraine are waiting for, as we know, the next wave of mobilization, therefore, accumulates at the boundaries of the confrontation heavy equipment and weapons… is preparing for the breakdown of peace negotiations and the beginning of full-scale hostilities. On the night of Dec 13 were completely closed airports Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk. In a few days, without explanation, were denied civil aviation. Let’s call a spade a spade – it was connected with the beginning of an unofficial military assistance by Western countries and Pindostan to Ukraine.

“Please pay attention. We regularly receive humanitarian aid, collected by the brotherly people of Russia. Humanitarian convoys are escorted by representatives of International organizations: Red Cross, the OSCE, representatives of other international missions. Every truck, every drawer is opened and checked its contents for the presence of ammunition and weapons. We are not against, let them look, searched the car – we have nothing to hide. But for some reason we have not heard that members of the same international organizations monitoring in airports of Ukraine. I suspect that they have not admitted on a gun shot. And somehow sneaking suspicion that these landed military transport aircraft was not brought semolina, not buckwheat and even Christmas toys. Our opponent is prepared and him have already international direct military support. It can even be taken as a compliment, we seem to be seriously angry. They began to respect us! All of this can make one conclusion: the main battle is still ahead. But we are preparing for them and, as they say, keeping our powder dry. There is one remarkable expression: not going to feed your army is going to feed the army of the enemy.”

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Riddick spunea...

Pe cele trei aeroporturi din estul Ucrainei au aterizat avioane militare (cargo) NATO şi SUA.

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

- Dacă, la câțiva ani după aderare, va veni un guvern cu largă susținere electorală și va spune "vrem să ieșim din UE", va mai fi posibil acest lucru?
- Nu. N-avem încotro. Avem oare altă soluție pentru România? Ce să facem, să ne apropiem de zonele arabe, să devenim fundamentaliști islamici? Să ne slavizăm sub umbrela lui Putin și a Kremlinului? Ce să facem? Avem alt scenariu? Eu cred că nu. Vad UE ca pe o locomotivă ce se va atașa la trenul numit România, care acum merge prea încet, gâfâind. O locomotivă care va trage România din trecut și o va aduce în contemporaneitate. De aceea, să primim Noul An cu speranță și încredere, cu un oarecare fatalism gen "asta e, nu mai putem schimba nimic", și să scoatem din 2006 tot ce are el mai bun pentru fiecare dintre noi.

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