14 ianuarie 2017

I just heard from a little bird they're going to drop the atomic bomb

Oh listen to me nightmare about the atomic bomb
When you hear the story, then I know you're going to want to run
You're going to run, run, run back where you come from
I just heard from a little bird they're going to drop the atomic bomb

I'm going to run, run, run like a son of a gun
I don't know where I'm going to go, but I'm really goin' to run
Oh, run, run, run like a son of a gun
I don't know where I'm going to go, but I'm really goin' to run

 The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda: Atomic Nightmare (1957)


Listen, anybody with half a brain knows what I'm saying.
(la 14:10; după 4:00 intră mai bine în subiect, dar merită vizionată şi introducerea)

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Riddick spunea...

Bunker Report 1/12/17 Troop buildup, crazy politicians, MK Ultra, and WW III



Riddick spunea...

The Future Of 18 / Visigoths



BOOM! Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting Witness Says MULTIPLE Shooters with RIFLES!

We now have witnesses telling a different story than what the officials are stating! A women said that there was 2 set of shots at 2 different terminal. This man in this clip says he clearly watched MULTIPLE Gunmen use Rifles AFTER The First Suspect Was Arrested. Bet You Won't See This On the Main Stream.. Unless We Force Their Hand! Stay Tuned for more!


US Build Up Forces in Poland is it for Ukraine?

Why has the US sent so much military equipment to Poland? According to the official report it is to counter Russian Aggression, but where is this aggression? I am leaning to a backing of Ukraine.


Will Obama make his Move Against Israel?

If there was ever a time that the hand writing is on the wall then I think now this time is starting to make more sense. Some think that Nathan the Jewish young man with the NDE will not come to pass because Obama leaves office in a few more days. But Obama's final actions against Israel may very well cause the Gog lead invasion of Israel. It certainly seems to be setting the ground work.


Anonim spunea...

Ca sa continuam in "teoria conspiratiei" este cunoscut episodul din Bart Simpson in care apare misteriosul ceas ...atomic:
Citit invers vedem mare un 01 iar limbile arata 9+11=20.Om trai si om vedea.

Riddick spunea...

Adică 20 ianuarie (20.01.)? Ziua când este învestit Trump...

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Ovidiu Nahoi, 2016 (printre iniţiatorii unui apel, "Să ne salvăm Europa!"): "Trebuie să depăşim cadrul strict naţional şi să construim un soclu politic cu adevărat european care să poată înfrunta provocările mondializării, ale modernităţii şi o democraţie renovată printre altele şi prin alegerea directă a conducătorilor Uniunii. Europa este ţara noastră, nu poate exista viitor fără o uniune politică şi fără construcţia unui nucleu dur în jurul unui Stat Unic European. Suntem gata."

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