22 mai 2016

Ask your government if another war is right for you

This is insanity. Here’re all these Prius-driving weenies eating tofu because meat is cruel to animals, but they’ll support another war if the Democrats start it. Just like they have with Obama who has been giving billions of dollars to terrorists in Syria. 

I think anyone with a sense for the obvious agenda hidden in plain sight but beneath media-minced deviled ham sees that we are on the road to war. Not approaching the freeway exit that says “Gas-Food-Slaughter Next Exit” but actually on that exit and looking for the McMassacre.

Why do I think this? Several reasons, among which are: Assad has been given until August 1st to step down. A second airliner out of Egypt has now blown up in mid-air rather all of the sudden and suspiciously, the first being several months back and now a second this week. ISIS has not been daunted despite over a year of alleged aerial bombardment from Obama’s Flying Circus Stuka Squadron. But why now?

Remember back in 2004 when people didn’t want to vote for Kerry in the middle of a war? So they voted for Bush again? What if we get into a war so people will want to “stay the course” with the Democrats and fear bringing in the proverbial “unknown quotient”? However, there never need be any reason such as that for the United States to get into another war. The United States government thrives on mayhem, conflict, and chaos. And there is a big reason for that: It keeps the masses entertained and their minds off of the abject failure of the government here at home. There is no better way to drum up paperback patriotism than another war. Then even the people that fought in previous no-win, quagmire, and futile wars will all rally behind the latest waste of human life for no coherent objective beyond ego self-gratification.

The economy is in a rest area toilet, our society is fractured and broken, our “culture” is sick and immoral, and the government itself is corrupt and criminal. Therefore, if you need to keep the eyes of the sheep trained on something, what better way than to put an inflatable wolf on the horizon to scare them into subservience to the state? I can almost hear the “Support The Troops” stickers being peeled off and plastered on the Priuses now. Because if a Democrat starts a war, even the anti-war Democrats will support it. Just look at Syria. Have any Democrats come out and criticized Obama for this disaster that we are spending billions of dollars on in the middle of an economic hurricane? Hurricane Obama made landfall here in America first and then went on to Syria! What a scientific marvel! And these people act like Obama has accomplished great things for America!

On the face of it all, it makes absolutely no sense. We’ve been involved in military action across the planet since the 1890s. I tend to think our government simply cannot resist violence. Of course, if we have to admit that as a people, what it says is that our government is more akin to a mass murderer or a serial killer than any force for good or justice in the world. We sit in denial of it because then it begs the question of what that makes those of us that support the behavior. That’s not just being an enabler, it’s being an accessory to the crimes.

All the American flags waving, all the pro-war rallies and pre-game hoo-ha shout-outs to the neo-Luftwaffe over in Guernica East and for what? Pride? What is this, a football game except with bombs and artillery? “Top of the second battle…the air force is going in for a long pass…they shoot!! They score!! Oh, that napalm run has got to hurt!” This is disgusting. But this is what’s going on. Surely you’ve noticed this perception that it’s all just “what we do” in America like football, mom, apple pie, and prescription painkiller addictions?

Or is it just me here? Am I the guy that hitch-hiked into this Twilight Zone town where everyone is a robot made to look human and they’re all telling me what they think I want to hear? And when they find out I don’t believe in it, they screech, point their finger, and bellow, “Unpatriotic!” Gosh, it’s easy to see why prescription painkiller addictions are so common here. It’s not the easy availability of those medications that causes that. It’s the easy availability of despair for these people. I mean, they just open the paper and see they’re living in a dystopian science fiction movie and they don’t even need a prescription to undergo the government’s hallucinations.

Sure, why not have another war? The government is obviously trying real hard to sell us on it. They ought to have commercials for it during televised sports events. “I used to sit around the house bored and watching re-runs of the Iraq War. I wondered what would give meaning to life again, besides nachos and prescription medications. Then my government suggested another war. I asked my doctor if another war was right for me. He worked with me, convinced me it wouldn’t be my kid going off to die in it or come home maimed. He said the horrific scenes of children with third-degree burns from U.S. airstrikes would be kindly and gently censored from the news, and reporters that tried to show them blacklisted. I was thrilled. I even felt like shopping again! My wife saw the wonderful changes as I shouted ‘Kill them all and let Allah sort them out!’ on the television. I lost twenty pounds of humanity and integrity within a week! And another war can do this for you, too. Ask your government if another war is right for you. (Side effects may include, but are not limited to: A cease-fire that leaves the dictator in power, a quagmire longer than the Vietnam War, frequent lying, loss of morality control, civilian massacres, economic downturns and depression, suicidal thoughts in returning vets, and sudden death.)”

Gee, that sure sounds swell! This is where we’re headed. Again. It’s so obvious, the only thing that would make it more obvious would be seeing the purchase order the government just emailed to whoever got the contract for the body bags. Maybe they’ll run a special. “Start One War, Get The Second Free!” Meanwhile, I saw in the newspaper today that 40% of Americans haven’t got any savings and if they needed to come up with one thousand dollars for an emergency, they couldn’t do it. Wow, Obama sure did a great job with this economic recovery, didn’t he? See, we can afford another war. Just so long as we don’t need to pay for it right now up front. If we can fight this war on credit, then we can go ahead and buy it.

So here’s 40% of Americans without so much as a nickel in savings (you can’t count the dime that fell between the cushions of the couch as “savings”, okay?) and I will bet you a quarter that I haven’t got, these people will support another war. Excuse me, but who’s crazier? The government that starts these wars, or the people getting progressively poorer that cheer them on? It’s almost like these people are thinking, “Well, I’m miserable, so I might as well support making other people more miserable than I am so I can feel better about myself.” This is also the Democrat platform in a nutshell, in case you were wondering.

This is insanity. Here’re all these Prius-driving weenies eating tofu because meat is cruel to animals, but they’ll support another war if the Democrats start it. Just like they have with Obama who has been giving billions of dollars to terrorists in Syria. Who refuses to indict and prosecute war criminals that tortured people, but acts like it was just a case of the casserole pan not being returned clean. “Well, let’s just move on…” Right, let’s move on to another war, am I right? When I see an Obama sticker on a Prius, I see a sticker that says, “I support wars as long as it’s my guy that starts them.” What a bunch of hypocrites.

Either you believe in peace, or you don’t. I don’t care what sensible vehicle you drive, what organic meatless food you subsist on, what fair-trade coffee you drink, or what hemp fabric clothing you wear. If you support the wars your party starts, you are the same warmonger as the ones you sit there and criticize like the hypocrites you all are. Put that in your tempeh faux barbecue and smoke it.

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