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04 ianuarie 2014

Desigur, la Teheran critica sistemului are consecinţe

Poeta suedeză de origine iraniană Athena Farrokhzad nu vrea să moară "într-o societate capitalistă". Da' nici nu s-ar întoarce la Teheran (Iran), unde s-a născut - într-o societate necapitalistă ! E mai comod să faci propagandă stângistă şi să-ţi încasezi onorariile la timp în capitalism, plângându-i în mod ipocrit pe cei cu probleme.
Cred că, din păcate, trăim într-o lume în care noțiunile capitaliste sunt naturalizate. Așa am ajuns să credem că e obligatoriu, că lucrurile ar trebui să stea într-un anumit fel: că ar trebui să muncim până la moarte, că trebuie să fim competitivi, că trebuie să vedem suferința oamenilor din stradă și să o acceptăm. Eu zic că toate astea nu sunt necesare, că nu e obligatoriu ca lucrurile să stea așa, că există alegeri și că pentru o schimbare e vorba într-adevăr de cum distribuim resursele la nivel național, mondial, etc.

Visurile mele de azi se leagă mai mult de oamenii din jurul meu sau de societate, unde sunt o mulțime de lucruri care nu merg. Îmi doresc să nu mor într-o societate capitalistă. Ăsta e, de fapt, visul meu: ca într-o zi, chiar dacă ar fi ultima zi din viața mea, să trăiesc într-o societate care să nu fie capitalistă.

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Riddick spunea...

Athena Farrokhzad, Tova Gerge
Manual for postmodern childrearing

Riddick spunea...


Tell your child only short, incoherent bedtime stories that do full justice to cacophony. Stroke its hair and say, "In manuals like these, if you are operating at that level, once upon a thyme there was rosemary and she was sage, she said that they said, but in free indirect discourse, so to speak, informally, you do actually need a bit of spatiality."

Remove the child from the maternal body at an early stage, to make entry into the symbolic system as bewildering as possible.

Be suspicious of all forms of progress displayed by the child and question its origin and the oppressive underlying ideology. Operate on the basis of necessity rather than meaningfulness, and encourage the child to renounce all outward distinctions such as cakes or scholarships. Do allow sweets from strangers.

Reject all active initiative and make it clear to your child that setbacks are as objectionable as successes, since setbacks are an indispensable component in maintaining the category "success". Accuse the child of attention seeking if it achieves either terrible or impeccable academic results.

Resist the temptation to place the child in the École Normale Superieure. Do not in fact place the child in any broadly based school whatsoever.

Demand that all actions have a self-referential dimension. Remember that children do not do as you say; children do as you do. You should thus perform the following speech act: "All actions hereafter are self-referential, hence this speech act."

Be aware of the deconstructive potential of repetition. Have teenage rebellion happen in cyclic sequences: in you, in the child, and in the dialectic.

Acquire as many parenting manuals as possible, and try to follow them all simultaneously. If they include such disparate propositions as "children need firm boundaries" and "listen to your child: it is trying to communicate", suspect a locked order of discourse and do a cut up, with your child, of the material in question.

Beware of vaccination programmes, both for the confidence they place in modern progress, and for their hidden agenda of constructing illness with the aim of putting a premium on health.

Encourage your child in the use of narcotics, as they expand the potential of voices.

Rub your child on some carbon paper. Then cut up the paper and stick the pieces to the child's body. Question the child as an original. Question the child as a copy. Question the carbon paper as a construction.

Riddick spunea...

Încă un citat, mult mai edificator:

Play only the game of Go; never play gospel.

To minimise the impending risk that subject deconstruction will merely install a neurotic superego, which screams at such a high pitch that it cannot hear the sound of its own voice, raise the child as a dog and arm yourself with the appropriate whistle.

Render the child immune to the fetishisations of visual culture by dysfunctionalising its left eye.

Lecture your child on the decentralisation of power, on the crumbling of the centre into a domain of autonomous, cross-fertilising peripheries. Talk continuously for several years at a stretch. Punish all forms of interruption and intervention.

If your child grows up and writes any sort of text that can be interpreted as poking fun at postmodern doctrines, be sure to pay a journal handsomely to publish the piece. Matricide is an inevitable step in the development of artistic subversion.

Kill your child as soon as it comes into the world. Its siblings need something to illustrate the incomprehensible transcendence between birth and annihilation. Put it to your breast and drink its milk. Re-assimilate it into yourself bit by bit.

Execute your child with whatever firearm comes to hand. Say: "The world is my conception. You have not been shot." Then add: "The world is your conception. Shoot me."

Crystal Clear spunea...

La balamuc

Crystal Clear spunea...

Şi mai este şi plătită pentru asemenea orori

Riddick spunea...

Dacă ar face aşa ceva cu propriul copil (nu cred că are vreunul) în Suedia, i l-ar lua statul. În Iran ar fi consecinţe "mult mai grave".

Citate din gândirea profundă a europeiştilor RO

Theodor Stolojan, 2011: "V-am dat aceste exemple pentru a înţelege că într-o democraţie, dacă vrei să respecţi principiile democraţiei, rezultatul este, de regulă, suboptimal. Uitaţi-vă ce se întîmplă în SUA, în această luptă dintre republicani şi democraţi care, la un moment dat, paralizează rezolvarea problemelor pe care le are SUA".

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